What to do in Nokron in Elden Ring?

Nokron in Elden Ring: Elden Ring. Nokron, Eternal City has lots of things for you to try to enjoy in Elden Ring. There are many exciting bosses and collect numerous upgrades and resources.

 But being reckless could cause a lot of trouble. This guide will help us look at what we need to accomplish to avoid Nokron Elden Ring.

What to do in Nokron in Elden Ring?

When exploring Nokron, The first thing you need to do is to unlock all the websites of Grace. These are the websites that you can find on this page.

  • Ancestral Woods
  • Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs
  • Great Waterfall Basin
  • Mimic Tear
  • Night’s Sacred Grounds
  • Nokron, Eternal City

After you have finished it, you can explore the region by region. These are the 3 sub-regions of Nokron the Eternal City.

  • Hallowhorn Grounds
  • Night’s Sacred Ground
  • Siofra Aqueduct

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What to do in Hallowhorn Grounds in Elden Ring?

It is recommended to collect upgrade materials and weapons. If you’re looking to fight, you can also take on two bosses that you can choose from.

  • Resources & Weapons:
    • Ghost Glovewort (2)
    • Horn Bow
  • Bosses:
    • Ancestor Spirit
    • Regal Ancestor Spirit

What to do in Night’s Sacred Ground?

Although there aren’t any bosses, this region is excellent for finding various things.

  • Resources, Weapons & Other Key Items:
    • Great Ghost Glovewort
    • Smithing Stone (3)
    • Nox Flowing Hammer
    • Black Whetblade
    • Celestial Dew
    • Fingerslayer Blade
    • Larval Tear
    • Mimic Tear Ashes

What to do in Siofra Aqueduct?

The first thing you should do is talk to the NPC, which you can locate here. It is also advisable to take on the bosses and collect the items.

  • NPC:
    • D’s Twin Brother
  • Bosses:
    • Valiant Gargoyle & Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade): This double boss fight occurs when the first boss reaches half of its health. The other summons it to help. This gives you an instant warning of the battle.
  • Resources & Key Items:
    • Somber Smithing Stone (6)
    • Crucible Hornshield
    • Order Healing
    • Inner Order Gesture
    • Missionary’s Cookbook (5)

This covers all you need to be aware of about things to take part to do in Nokron Eternal City in Elden Ring. If you’ve never gone through the entire area, take a look at our guide.