How Much Time will it Take to Watch Everything on Disney Plus?

Are you planning to watch all the Disney plus shows on the newly launched streaming platform? Want to know how much time will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus? Well, here we have come up with an article to offer you all the relevant information. Scroll through to get the full scoop here!

Before this era of online streaming, we had seen the wonderful shows of Disney on their own channel. It was the days of cable TVs and DTH services. But the game changed after Netflix and Amazon Prime along with Disney+ own application came into the scene. It doesn’t take too much to imagine the amount of excitement Disney fans would have had they got their own channel. And that is what happened exactly. When Disney declared a streaming channel of its own, fans started calculating what’s, how, and when. ‘What are the best shows available on Disney Plus?’ ‘What are the older shows that are available?’ And mostly How long will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus?

It is true that during the announcement of the launch, it took the directors three solid hours to finish declaring the entire list of titles. By titles, we mean the list of all the programs that will be available on the first day. And it is not just in-house content that is on show. Disney+ will also host shows and content from Pixar, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and Lucasfilm. What’s more, the channel will also host independent and original shows based on the universes of Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel.

How Much Time Will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus

How Much Time Will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus (Considering the movies only)?

Well, when it is just movies, the entire runtime is 763 hours. Please note that we are taking the number of movies that were there on the launch date. On the launch date, the total number of film titles that were there on the website were 503 in total. Over 700 hours of packed movie entertainment means a total of 31.79 days of continuous watching without any pause. So, only the number of movies on the launch days amounts to over 500. And the total time to view all of them at one sitting amounts to a rounded-off figure of 32 days. So, whenever a movie buff asks you how long it will take to watch everything on Disney Plus, tell them to pack their bags with an inventory for an entire month. The longest movie in this awesome list is Avengers: Endgame. It is a movie that runs up to 3 hours and 1 minute.

How Much Time Will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus (only the TV shows)?

Now that we have covered the viewing time of the movies, let’s head to TV shows. Disney+ featured a whopping 132 TV shows on the launch day. Moreover, all these 132 shows combine to give a total of 3,310 episodes. This gigantic cluster of great TV shows amounts to a total of 3174 hours of viewing without any break. So, it comes to a count of 132 days without any pause in between. Now, here is a catch. Not all the episodes of the various TV shows that are on the list are available. For instance, Simpsons comprises over 600 episodes, forming about 1/5th of the entire viewing time. But there are some other TV shows which do not have all the seasons listed. Therefore, it is a mix and match of all that’s good, great, and legendary. As it has launched very recently, we are sure Disney+ will keep on adding the missing episodes of all the TV shows.

How Much Time Will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus

So, a crazy fan of TV shows might just ask you a smart question like how long will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus. For those times, make sure you don’t stutter, but lucidly mention the vigorous runtime of all the TV shows taken together.

Finally, it can be said that 132 days worth of TV shows and 32 days of continuous film viewing form the bulk of Disney+’s entertainment. So, the answer to the question of how much time will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus is 5 months and 12 days. That too without a pause.

How Disney+ came to the internet?

Who knew that an autistic child from Illinois would become the greatest cartoon artist of all time? That he would teach the world to laugh, sing, and love their hearts out. Starting from the very first 1937 cartoon of Snow White, Disney has come a long way. Perhaps, longer than most. The journeys of Disney, and its creator, Walt Disney, dipped their toes in the colors of imagination. And they came out to the other side with some of the sweetest and most beautiful characters whom we still hold dear.

How Much Time Will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus

From 1937 to this day, Disney has had a tumultuous journey. From creating some of the greatest cartoon shows of all time to coming out with a separate entertainment channel altogether, the feat that Disney has pulled is unprecedented. Today, we are here to talk about the last question. In many online forums, we have seen people ask the same question about Netflix, Amazon, and all the other streaming websites. When Disney joined the bandwagon, everyone asked how much time will it take to watch everything on Disney Plus? Well, it is a long list and consequently, a long number of hours, more than you can imagine, are filled with great TV shows, movies, and cartoons. In the following paragraphs, we will be showing you the various programs that the website airs.

Other than this, the last installation of Avengers and Avatar has also been included in the list. So, overall it is a list of over 600 titles, including films, TV shows, and standalone programs. A famous Youtuber by the name Rob Plays calculated the total watch-time of all these programs combined stands at 3,937 hours. It is a total collection of 633 programs that are bound to increase every month.

So, when it comes to total watch-time, Disney fares well as opposed to Netflix or Amazon.


Disney+ is a great channel in terms of content. The entertainment quotient is set only to increase as new Disney Originals begin to flood the scene. What Disney does best is mesmerize people, and with Disney+, it has got better by many degrees.