Vivo’s next flagship may support 200W fast charging

While Vivo’s flagship X80 series was only released, there are already speculations regarding the company’s next-generation flagship smartphone. 

Even though nothing is known about the handset, a fresh rumor says that Vivo‘s future flagship smartphone would offer 200W fast charging. Here are the specifics:

Vivo to Release First Phone with 200W Fast Charging Support

Digital Chat Station, a reputable Chinese tipster, recently reported on Weibo that the next generation of Vivo’s flagship smartphone would enable 200W fast charging. 

Previously, the source believed the smartphone would have 100W rapid charging. According to his recent article, the smartphone will now handle 20V/10A charging with a maximum power output of 200W (picture attached below).

It’s also worth mentioning that the entire line will be backward compatible with other fast charging standards such as 120W, 80W, 60W, and others. Furthermore, DCS said that a battery capacity of over 4,000mAh would power the forthcoming Vivo handset.

Vivo’s current flagship X80 series supports 80W fast charging to refresh your memory. Furthermore, the current fastest charging standard in the commercial market is 150W, supported by smartphones like the Realme GT Neo 3 and the OnePlus 10R.

Xiaomi demonstrated its own 200W rapid charging technology last year, but the firm has yet to incorporate it into its commercial devices. 

In under 8 minutes, Xiaomi’s technology can completely charge a 4,00mAh battery. Even Oppo has shown the fastest 240W fast charging technology, which can completely charge a 4,500mAh battery in 9 minutes. 

However, it is unclear whether it will be accessible on a frequently used phone.

Vivo hopes to boost the ante in the fast-changing industry with the addition of 200W fast charging capabilities to its forthcoming devices.

Other facts about the gadget, on the other hand, are yet unknown. We don’t even know what the future Vivo gadget will be called. So, keep tuned for more information on this, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.