How to View Private Instagram Account – Really Possible?

Everyone these days have an account on Instagram. Some of them choose to keep it public while some people like keeping it private. Only the followers of the account can view private Instagram account. So, what if you don’t follow the person but still want to view his/her account? I’ll tell you what you can do for that.

In this post, I will explain how to view private Instagram account of any user. Additionally, we will also expose the reality of the private Instagram account viewer tools available on the web. These tools are the first ones to appear when you search this topic but do they really deserve the spot? Let’s find out here.

How to View Private Instagram Account?


What is a Private Account on Instagram?

To understand everything better, we shall first a brief look at what is a private account on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most active social networking platforms on the web. Millions of users daily share their pictures on the platform as posts with captions and stories via their accounts. Privacy is the main concern of users on any social networking app or website. The same is on Instagram. So, Instagram provides two options for the privacy of your account, one is “Public” and the other is “Private.”

If you choose to keep your account private, only the people who follow you will be able to see your posts, stories, and other activities. The people who don’t follow you will not be able to see your profile, except for your profile picture and bio. When they’ll open your profile, they’ll see a prompt saying “This Account is Private. Follow to see their photos and videos.” If they choose to follow, you’ll receive a follow request and then you can decide to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ it. To keep your account safe from stalkers and other unnecessary people, making it private is a good choice.

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private?

If you have a public Instagram account and want to make it private, but don’t know how to do that, here is the complete procedure for you. Follow these simple steps to make your Instagram account private.

  • Step-1: Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone and log in with the username and password or through Facebook.
  • Step-2: Now to go to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines  .
  • Step-3: Next, tap on the Gear icon to go to Settings.
  • Step-4: Tap on Privacy and then tap on Account Privacy.
  • Step-5: Finally, turn the toggle switch to the On position present next to Private Account.

That’s it. This will make your account private and only the people who follow you will be able to see your photos, videos, and stories.

5 Possible Ways to View Private Instagram Account

You must follow the user to view the posts and stories from his or her account if it is private. These 5 methods will help you view any private Instagram account with or without following the user from your Instagram account. These are very simple methods and anyone can use them without any considerable trouble.

1. Follow them

The simplest to view a private account on Instagram or any other social networking app is to follow them. Just go to their profile and tap on the Follow button.

This will send them your follow request. Wait until they accept your follow request and then you can see all their photos, videos, stories, highlights, and other activities.

2. Follow them using a spare account

If you want to view a private Instagram account but don’t want to follow them with your account so they don’t know you are following them, you can just create a fake account with any random details. Then, you can follow them with this account. Make sure your account doesn’t appear fake just at the first glance itself.

You can also create an account dedicated to something like cats, dogs, games or any other thing so it’ll not appear as fake and the person will easily accept your follow request.

3. Search the username on Google

A lot of people keep the same or similar username on their all social media profiles. So, you can search the username of the person on Google and you’ll find their profile on other social networks like TikTok, Facebook, etc. You can see their posts and videos from there if they aren’t private.

Also, there are certain websites that will have photos and videos from the user’s profile when it was public at some point in time. You can visit them and check the older posts there.

4. Follow them with your Friend’s Account

If you don’t want to follow them with your account and also don’t want to create another spare account, then you can follow them with your friend’s account. You can ask your friend(s) to follow them and send them screenshots of their profile, posts, and stories. Or, if you both are real good buddies, you can log in their account on your mobile and view the private Instagram account in a simpler manner.

5. Message Them

In case you are ready to follow the user but they aren’t accepting your follow request, you can send them a message asking to accept it. Once they see your message and find it genuine, they’ll definitely take action. Make sure you include your reason of why you need to follow them if you both don’t know each other.

That’s all.

Are Instagram Private Account Viewer Tools Genuine?

When you search on Google or any other search engine about the methods to view a private account on Instagram without following it, you will find many tools claiming to do so. They could be in the form of applications and websites. We tried some of the tools to find out if they are real and safe to use. Here are our findings:

  • Such tools claiming to help you view private Instagram accounts are a scam. They are fake and will not give you anything.
  • They’ll ask you to do certain tasks like surveys or downloading apps in the name of “Human Verification.”
  • There are some tools that ask you to log in with your Instagram account first but doing so might get your account banned permanently from Instagram.
  • The majority of the tools steal your personal information and may also infect your device with viruses.

So, we didn’t find any tool that actually worked. I’d strongly recommend that you never fall for these traps and only use the methods I mentioned above to stay safe.

Final Words

These are the only possible ways to view the content of private Instagram accounts. If you don’t use these, the only way left for you to view them is wait until they finally turn their account to public and then anyone, including you, can see their posts and stories. However, I don’t think you’d like to wait for that long. So, simply use them and who knows what the future awaits for you two. Also, don’t fall for the scams like private Instagram account viewer apps and websites. They are all fake and may get your account banned. So, stay safe and secure.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it useful. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to listen to you.