Variable Refresh Rate Support for the Sony PS5 Is Coming Soon.

Variable Refresh Rate Support for the Sony PS5: Sony announced that the variable refresh rate (VRR), support it had been working on for some time, will be finally available for PlayStation 5 within the next few months. 

Although no exact date has been set, the company stated that it plans to release it within the next few months. A PS5 and PS4 update has been released, adding a few new features. Let’s take a look at the details.

PS5 Soon to Get Variable Refresh Rate and VRR Support

Before we dive into the details, let’s look at VRR. The variable refresh rate feature of the HTML5 Sony PlayStation 5 will work with compatible TVs or monitors via HDMI 2.0. VRR, based on the PS5’s graphics output, will alter the refresh rate. 

This will result in better visuals, reduced input delays, and eliminate screen issues such as screen tearing, frame pacing, and frame pacing.

This feature will be available for a variety of games. 

New games will be able to support this feature at launch. However, existing and older games will soon be updated. Sony will offer a new option for those games that do not support VRR to enhance the visual quality. There are some risks that VRR may cause problems, so there is an option to disable it.

We will soon announce more details about VRR on the Sony PS5, including names of titles that will support it.

Recent Sony PS5 PS4 Update Details

Sony has added some fan-requested features to the PS5 and PS4 gaming consoles. This includes the option for PS4 and PS5 players to join Open and Closed Parties. 

All players can see the Open Parties, but Closed Parties require invitations. PS5 will have new enhancements to Game Base and Trophy cards. There will also be changes to the mono audio for headphones.

The Voice Command feature will be available for users in the US and UK. This will allow them to use voice commands to access settings and apps on their PlayStation 5.

The company has also updated the PS Remote Play and PS Apps. The PS app will allow users to join Open and Closed Parties through the PS App. 

Additionally, the PS App Game Base interface has been updated to make it easier for users to find friends and use messaging features.

Users can use dark mode in the PS Remote Play app. They also can choose from new Screen Reader languages such as Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Finnish and Swedish, Turkish and Greek, Thai and Chinese (traditional, simplified). 

This feature is available for both Android as well as iOS.