Vampire Survivors PowerUps – Prices & Upgrade Order

Vampire Survivors: One of the most stable features that are a part of Vampire Survivors is buying PowerUps. 

These PowerUps give your character attributes like more significant damages per rank, more armor, higher maximal health, and so on.

There are numerous options to choose from, and each requires many coins to gain access to. 

Each PowerUp purchase will increase the cost of any subsequent PowerUp purchases.

It’s probably an excellent idea to consider how you’ll spend your money to achieve it effectively. 

In this article, we’ll show you the most efficient way for upgrading PowerUps in Vampire Survivors.

We’ll also discuss their cost and the best way to unlock these.

Before you get into the specifics, you may wonder what to do to obtain the coins needed to unlock PowerUps. 

You can find coins, coins in bags, and even get coins from chests as you play throughout the game. 

It’s simple, continue playing, try your best to survive, and eventually, you’ll make enough money that you can afford all the PowerUps.

It is an excellent idea to invest in Greed initially to earn funds. When you’ve got enough gold, look up the costs of all PowerUps for Vampire Survivors PowerUps and determine the most effective upgrade order.

Vampire Survivors PowerUps

  1. The amount– Fires one more projectile (all weapons)
  2. Growth– Gain 33 percent more experience per rank (max 15 percent)
  3. Cooldown– Makes use of weapons 2.5 percent quicker per rank (max 5%))
  4. Armor– Reduces damage from incoming by 1 per rank (max 3)
  5. LuckChance to be lucky increases by 10% for every 10 ranks (max +30 percent)
  6. Might– Increased the amount of damage inflicted by 5 points for each rank (max 25 percent)
  7. Gracious– Gets 10 percent more coins per rank (max 50%))
  8. Recovery Recovery of 0.1 HP/rank (max 0.5) in a second
  9. Area increases the areas of attack by 5 percent by rank (max 10 percent)
  10. Speed – Projectiles move 10% faster per rank (max 20%)
  11. duration effects from weapons last 15minutes longer per rank (max 30 percent)
  12. MoveSpeed Characters move 5 % faster by rank (max 10 percent)
  13. MagnetThe range of items that can pick up is +25% per rank (max 50%))
  14. Max Health – Increases max health by 10 percent by rank (max 30 percent)

Update Your PowerUps by following this sequence to save a few coins.

If you don’t have the 97140 cash, you need to unlock all PowerUps; you should invest in the Greed Powerup first and follow with Luck the second.

You’ll gain more gold overall (and chests) quicker this way, and you will be able to refund them in the future altogether.

You might not be concerned about efficiency, so your upgrade plan will differ according to what you consider the most efficient for running.

Vampire Survivors PowerUps Prices

PowerUp Pricing 1 Price 2. Price 3. Price 4, 5 Price The Total Cost

Might 200 400 600 800 1000 3000

Armor 600 1200 1800 3600

Max Health 200 400 600 1200

Recovery 200 400 600 800 1000 3000

Cooldown 900 1800 2700

Area 300 600 900

Speed 300 600 900

Duration 300 600 900

Amount 5000 5000

MoveSpeed 300 600 900

Magnet 300 600 900

Luck 600 1200 1800 3600

Growth 900 1800 2700 3600 4500 13500

Greed 200 400 600 800 1000 3000

Vampire Survivors PowerUps FAQ

How many coins will it take to reach the maximum of the PowerUps?

It is currently taking 97,140 coins to unlock all PowerUps and get them to the level of Vampire Survivors.

This figure could alter when the prices are changed or when new PowerUps are added to the game.

Can you issue a refund for PowerUps?

Yes, you can Refund PowerUps purchased in VampireSurvivors and receive 100 percent of your coins.

There’s no cost for refunded PowerUps; therefore, feel free to try it.