Valorant Agent Neon, The Complete Guide, to Learn.

Valorant is a hugely loved First-person shooter. Agents are the main characters in the game, and choosing the right one is very important. 

In this respect, Valorant players may soon be able to select a different Agent to choose from. 

Following a constant stream of rumors and leaks, Valorant has announced the appointment of the new agent on the scene. 

The game frequently introduces new content to keep players interested. 

Let’s take a closer look at the coming Valorant Agent Neon and know everything we know to date.

Valorant Agent Neon

The Things We Know So We’ve Come.

The players were keen to know what was coming up for them during the coming year. 

The answer is the latest Valorant Agent Neon. The information came out in the wake of the Amazon Prime leak.

 Rumors and leaks aren’t new in the gaming world. 

The Valorant Agent Chamber’s name and capabilities were also revealed before his official release. 

The original codename was Spinter by data miners; Neon’s tool is likely a speed-oriented kit.

In Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), the teaser trailer of Valorant Agent 19 was released. 

It didn’t reveal much aside from a few brief glimpses of the Agent. Instead, the teaser focuses heavily on lighting. 

This could refer to speed or abilities related to lightning. 

Additionally, its title offered the biggest clue to fans. 

The subtitle of this video is Tagalog (Philippines’ National Language), and it’s expected that neon comes from the Philippines.

 In addition to strengthening the connection between lightning and lightning, the video title reads, “I wish lightning strikes you and knocks you over.”

Neon is thought to become a duelist or an initiator. 

Data mining revealed that she’s originally from Mania, Philippines, and is 19.

 Data miners also confirmed that Valorant Agent Neon is a Radiant and would have a role to play in an Alpha Omega Bridge. In the data leak, a voice is heard, saying, “I go fast,” and further confirming that her equipment is definitely about speed.

Release Date and First Look at Valorant Agent Neon

The agent has no specific release date yet; Valorant Agent 19 might be released with Episode 4. Act 1 is coming out on the 12th of January. 

Valorant has revealed the first glimpse of the Agent and has a nod to her speed capabilities through a tweet. 

It reads, “Looks like that some of you are quicker than the next one. Here’s an uncropped version for you to show off. 

We’ll see you in the coming week!” The end line could reference the release date for Neon so that she might be coming this week.