Ubisoft Announces the Return of Ubisoft Forward Events

This summer, without E3, several gaming firms have chosen to host their events to present forthcoming titles. One of them is Ubisoft. 

With an emphasis on Skull & Bones and other forthcoming titles, the firm intends to revive its Ubisoft Forward event from last year.

The Skull & Bones-focused Ubisoft Forward Spotlight will take place on Thursday. During Ubisoft’s 2017 E3 press conference, the game was unveiled. 

The most notable aspect of Assassin’s Creed IV, pirates, was expanded upon in this game. Since then, not many updates have been made to the game.

When Are the Ubisoft Forward Events in July and September?

On July 7 at 8:00 PM CEST/ 11:00 AM PT and on September 10 at 12:00 PM PT/9:00 PM CEST, respectively, the Ubisoft Forward Events will take place.

How to Watch the Ubisoft Forward Events in July and September

You can watch the Skull & Bones event on Twitch and Youtube. You can watch the September Ubisoft Forward on YouTube, Twitch, and the Ubisoft website.

So Far, What We Know

In July, Ubisoft will feature Skull & Bones. Many people believed Skull & Bones would be scrapped since it was in development hell. 

Still, it will eventually be completed thanks to Ubisoft’s agreement with the Singaporean government. 

The game had some problems since Ubisoft Singapore often changed its team while it was being developed. 

The announcement of this event suggests that the studio has temporarily addressed these difficulties.

In September, there will be an additional event in addition to this one. The emphasis of this Ubisoft Forward will be on titles created by Ubisoft teams throughout the globe. 

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News about the Assassin’s Creed franchise’s future will also be presented during this event. 

According to the corporation, the franchise’s future will be addressed during an event in September. 

We’ll learn about the franchise at this event, barring another announcement.