Twitch Streamer Emiru has joined OTK.

OTK Media announced that Twitch streamer Emiru will be joining its ranks. Emiru, wearing a crown and holding a sword in the other hand, posted a tweet confirming the news.

 OTK Media is the first to announce this news.

Emiru is a popular Twitch streamer. 

She is perhaps most well-known as a League of Legends streamer. However, she has also been a prominent cosplayer. 

She has had success on TikTok with costumes like Link from The Legend of Zelda

Emiru was previously a member of Cloud9; an esports organization initially founded for League of Legends players.

 Last year, she appeared in several OTK projects and collaborated with Mizkif, an OTK cofounder and Twitch streamer.

 OTK Media, also known as One True King, was founded in 2020 by several well-known YouTubers and game streamers, including Asmongold and Mizkif. 

This organization produces online content for YouTube, Twitch and has hosted streams that raised nearly $1.5M for Games for Love.

 OTK continues its growth, adding several members to the ranks since its inception. 

Emiru, their first female member, appears in an official capacity in the YouTube video “Introducing OTKEMIRU!”

Emiru’s increased activity with OTK streamers may make the announcement less surprising to her fans.

Emiru decided to relocate from Kansas to Austin in November 2013. She said there were reasons why she couldn’t stay at her Kansas home and that she only visited the house when others were there. 

Emiru did not go into detail but stated that she had to leave the property and explain her reasons.

Emiru previously spoke out about her desire to work with other streamers and her difficulties in making connections.

 After being invited to the AT&T Annihilator Cup last year, Emiru could make connections with a wide range of streamers. 

Since then, she has had no problem being invited to collaborate alongside others. She describes her dream come true as having been able to invite others. 

Emiru’s latest chapter will be exciting for both her and her fans.