Twitch: How To Host A Channel

How To Host A Channel: Twitch is a place to cheer on other gamers as they play different games live. 

There is a good way to show your support for a channel. You can host their live stream. 

The other streamer will be grateful for the help, but it can also help you get more viewers. 

Hosting a channel means that the streamer will be on your track even when you aren’t there. 

This will give people who come to your channel a chance to find out about other streamers, too. 

To help you today, we’re going to show you how to set up a channel on Twitch.

Host A Channel On Twitch

There are two ways to set up another channel on Twitch, and both of them work. You can either host yourself or have it do it for you. We have explained both of them below.

Host Manually

This is a good way to get to know a new streamer that you have found. You want to help them but don’t want them to be on your channel all the time. If you do this, you can host the channel yourself for how long you want.

Go to your Twitch account and log in.

When you click on the picture of you, you’ll go to your profile.

Take a look at the My Channel option.

Go to the chat option on the right and click on it.

When you type /host Channel Name in the chatbox, make sure the name is correct. If you want to host a channel, you should change “Channel” to “Channel Name.”

Send the text. You have now put the stream on your channel, and you can watch it there now.

Re-do this process, but type /unhost the Channel name in the chatbox instead.


Also, Twitch lets you set it up to host your videos automatically. 

There is a way to have certain streamers appear on your channel when they start to stream, even if you aren’t online at the time.

Log in to Twitch.

Go to your Profile.

Navigate to Settings.

Now, select the Channel and Videos option.

Scroll down to the Auto Hosting option.

Turn on the Auto channels options.

Now, go to the Auto host list.

Here, write down all the channels you want to host on Twitch while away. 

Please search for the channel and click on the Add option to add it to your playlist. 

You can add as many channels to the auto host list as you want. 

You can also remove channels from the list at any time. If more than two people from the list are streaming simultaneously, Twitch will choose one at random. 

You can also choose to set up your hosting preferences if you want. This means that you can give certain channels more attention than others.

This is how you can set up a channel on Twitch and make it public.