Where To Find The Ring Of Oath in Elden Ring

Find The Ring Of Oath in Elden Ring: The Ring of Oath is an essential item in Elden Ring to finish Ranni’s questline and gain entrance to a restricted location. 

After slaying Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, most players are likely to run against a barrier in the underground section of Lake of Rot. The Ring of Oath is required to cross through the fog. 

However, Elden Ring lacks an item known as the Ring of Oath, so what exactly is it?

The Ring of Oath is the Dark Moon Ring, and it represents Lunar Princess Ranni’s frigid oath. According to legend, the ring is meant to be handed to Ranni’s consort. 

Obtaining the Dark Moon Ring is also necessary for those who want to experience the Age of Stars conclusion.

Where To Find The Ring Of Oath in Elden Ring

The Ring of Oath, also known as the Dark Moon Ring, can be found northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes’ Debate Parlor Site of Lost Grace in the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Proceed to the massive broken staircase from the Debate Parlor, the Red Wolf of Radagon boss’s chamber. They can only be climbed by going over one of the side bridges.

Jump on the centre one, then over the railing and up the stairwell. A moving spherical trap nearby will do a lot of harm if you go too close.

Please move to the northwest via the open doors to avoid it. Moongrum, the Carian Knight, is waiting ahead; fight him. Then use the elevator behind him to reach the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria, where the treasure is hidden.

How To Get The Ring Of Oath In Elden Ring

The Ring of Oath, often known as the Dark Moon Ring, may be discovered inside a chest at Raya Lucaria Academy’s Grand Library. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon’s boss chamber, contains the chest.

It can only be accessed when the Sharbearer has been defeated. Rennala will go to the middle of the library after being beaten and give players the chance to respec in return for one Larval Tear each rebirth.

The Discarded Palace Key, which may discover in the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Lost Grace in the Ainsel River Main. It is another need for opening the treasure. 

Pick up the Miniature Ranni and talk with the doll three times at the Site of Lost Grace after utilizing the teleport waygate in Renna’s Rise. 

Tarnished will be tasked with defeating the Baleful Shadow, who may find in the underground area’s more profound levels.

Ranni praises the players and gives them the Discarded Palace Key once they slay the shadow. Return to the Grand Library to get the Ring of Oath or the Dark Moon Ring by opening the locked vault.

Proceed to the Grand Cloister after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. This location is unavailable unless the Dark Moon Ring is in the player’s inventory. 

Finally, enter the Moonlight Altar and offer Ranni the Ring of Oath to get the Dark Moon Greatsword. It’s an Elden Ring weapon, and the Age of Stars Ending.