Triangle Strategy: How to Heal and Boost Max Health

 Heal and Boost Max Health: If you want to come out of a fight against your enemy victorious, you need to heal and boost your max health in Triangle Strategy.

As the enemies get tougher, this will become even more important because their attacks will do more damage. Let’s start right now.

Healing in Triangle Strategy

To heal in the Triangle Strategy, you’ll either need to use an item that gives you HP when you use it, or you’ll need to use a unit that can heal.

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Abilities of a character

Geela and Hossabara are two of the first characters you get in the game. 

They both have abilities to help them, and other characters get back to full health.

You can choose your healing spells and the party member you want to heal when it’s their turn. 

So make sure they aren’t in danger before you do this.

Using Healing Items in Triangle Strategy

During a character’s turn, press left or right on the d-pad to get to the “Items” tab. To use a healing item, do the same thing.

Using healing items does have a downside, though. When you’re done with that, choose a “Recovery Pellet.” Press A, then select the person you want to heal. 

They can only be used in a certain area. You can only use Recovery Pellets and other healing items on the character you’ve chosen or other party members who are right next to them.

Increasing the Max Health of Your Party

Level them up, put on HP Rings or make their weapons better to have more health.

When they get enough experience to reach the next level, their max health will be a little bit higher.

HP Rings can be bought from the merchant in the Encampment. 

They can also be found in towns, so it’s important to explore new areas when you get there fully.

Finally, you can change a character’s weapons to make them healthier. 

When you do this, you’ll need to check the stats of your character’s weapons to see what they’ll gain. 

Because not every weapon upgrade will have this effect, it’s important to note that.

That’s everything you need to know about healing and increasing your characters’ max health in Triangle Strategy.