Top Games and Apps for iPad in 2022

For some users, an iPad has become a great PC replacement. Many games and apps benefit from larger tablet screens than smartphones. App Store products are most suitable for both iPhones and iPad. This article from Asolytics collects top-grossing titles not to be missed this year.


In Homescapes, a bunch of everyday problems pile up on you. To fix all of them, you need to solve three-in-a-row puzzles. Make repairs, put things in order, equip the mansion, and get to know the main characters better. Such fun games for iPad are addictive for a long time.


It is one of those iPad app recommendations you need to try. A branded app from a popular streaming service will delight users with a rich collection of movies and TV shows and convenient functionality. Watch both popular videos and exclusive projects from HBO.


Roblox can hardly be called just a game. It is one of the most extensive games application for iPad, a kind of hub that brings together various projects made by real users. Everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at developing video games using the built-in editor with ready-made tools.


The Three Kingdoms period in China was a troubled time of constant wars. You have to feel the burden and responsibility for making decisions for yourself. In this top game for iPad, you can be a politician, a military leader, and even a hermit. Your allies are a clear strategy and patience.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is far from being an entertainment service but a convenient platform for working with documents. Despite the existence of analogs, it retains its popularity and continues to show constant growth. From your smartphone, you can create, edit, and share files wherever you are.

Toca Life World

Toca Life World is another great opportunity to create your own game universe. This edition contains all versions of Toca Life. Now you have almost limitless possibilities for building a plot, using cute characters, walking through colorful locations, etc.


You can afford to surf a little on YouTube in between playing games. Here is perhaps one of the largest collections of various videos, music, streams of the most popular games iPad, and much more. You can discover content from vloggers and creators and come up with your own cool videos.


It is another game from the Homescapes creators. Here you have to put things in order on the farm because everything is falling apart without your attention. Gather crops, have livestock, earn experience points, and develop production.


The list of best iPad apps and games would be incomplete without Procreate. It is one of the best drawing platforms that suit experienced artists and budding illustrators. The process of using it is close to drawing with real materials; instead of them, you have a branded stylus and a tablet screen.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is often mentioned among the cool iPad games, and for a good reason. Probably everyone has heard about this three-in-a-row puzzle. Collect candies of the same shape and color, earn points, unlock new challenges, and explore the sweet world. You can play it almost endlessly because, at the moment, it has more than 11000 levels.

If you are looking for games to play on iPad, try any title from this list. Each of them deserved their fame for a reason.