TOP 5 Reasons Why Coinplay is the Best Crypto Betting Site of 2022

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In today’s review, we will focus on explaining the methodology for choosing the best casino. There are countless online casinos, so everyone should know how to choose correctly. We have selected the most significant criteria, which in the context of the best, in our opinion, crypto-casino, are fundamental and may positively determine your choice. Today, we will take a look at a crypto coin gambling project named CoinPlay, and the 5 points according to which it is truly the best crypto casino. 

Wide range of online games

Each user has his own tastes and preferences when playing at the online crypto casino. The choice of your favorite casino will be determined by the variety of games available. If you like playing roulette, you should choose a casino that has a wide variety of roulette games. Similarly, if you like poker, you should choose a casino that has online poker tables and a wide variety of players to play with.

Knowing the games, you prefer in advance will allow you to better develop your strategy and understand if you want to invest your money and time or not. The advantage of online crypto casinos is that they have no restrictions on the number of games they can present, whereas land-based and online casinos mostly have restrictions due to the regulators. However, crypto casinos have different options, depending on the software used. Thus, there are many differences between operators.

Crypto gambling website CoinPlay has a huge number of games represented, which distinguishes it from other similar projects. The games presented here are: 

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Poker, 
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Dice
  • CoinFlip
  • Bingo
  • Live Games
  • Andar Bahar

Customer Support Service: Live Specialists 24/7

When choosing a casino, it is essential to learn about its customer support service. The greatest option is to choose a casino that mostly cares about its customers, i.e., a casino with 24-hour customer service. CoinPlay values its customers more than gaming operators or any other crypto casino. That’s why it’s putting its efforts into organizing an absolutely exclusive way of support. If you have a problem with a game or payment and they don’t speak your language, you may encounter some problems in a common-classic casino. In turn, CoinPlay support will always find a qualified translator for your needs and solve the situation as fast as possible.

One of the main pieces of advice while playing in casinos is not to play one those platforms where they offer to communicate through emails or question forms. The response should be immediate. The faster, the better. Many users only contact customer service when they encounter a problem; however, it is preferable to make sure the casino has an effective service before you need it urgently. It’s also handy to browse the frequently asked questions section, where experts give advice on issues such as lost passwords, usernames, and other issues of general interest.

Its reputation: CoinPlay is a Safe Haven

You will only know if you play at a good casino if the casino pays you without any problems after you win a reasonable amount of money. There are many cases of online casinos directly cheating players. Moreover, they are issued in those jurisdictions where the amount you win is disproportionate to the amount you will spend on lawsuits, lawyers, and courts. Gambling with Bitcoin on CoinPlay not only makes sure that players are paid their winnings fairly but also refuses to do business with any gaming operators that are found to be dishonest. We put our main priority – the safety of players and the fundamental right of the payment of winnings. 

The most common dishonest practices we have seen, and which have been carefully worked out by our team to avoid problems on CoinPlay:

  • The casino refuses to pay out earnings fairly won by the player.
  • The casino declares the prize a software error and does not confirm the legitimacy of the bets to the player. 
  • The casino puts payment terms that force the player to play more.
  • The casino imposes an unreasonable withdrawal limit to avoid withdrawing profit.
  • The casino delays withdrawals (for weeks or even months) for no apparent reason. The casino repeats the player verification process to tie up the process.
  • The casino often uses bonus abuse provisions. The casino marks every player who converts bonus money into real money as a bonus abuser and cancels all bonus money.

Security: CoinPlay Work for Customer Trust

Security is a paramount idea of CoinPlay standards. Good casinos emphasize the importance of having security features and tools to ensure secure transactions. The SSL security protocol encrypts the data sent from your computer to the server. This means that it is an ideal way to avoid the misappropriation of information by third parties. The lock icon in the address bar also indicates that the site uses a secure connection. Also, games should be offered by providers that have random number generators. This mechanism always promotes fair matches. Finally, find out if the casino is audited by independent auditing companies.

Design: A Phenomenally Well-Detailed Website

It is very important that the casino you choose suits your playing style and that you feel comfortable playing in it. The basic premise of the interface work is to keep users happy. And even though it’s hard to reach a consensus for everyone, we’ve worked on so many aspects so that our customers don’t have to get used to something all over again or look for interface details where there’s no place for them. 

Many countries have different cultures, and it is difficult to find a middle ground for everyone. However, CoinPlay did its best, and all the product-analytical data shows that it succeeded. By the way, check it out; maybe you’ll find something of your own there. 


Most players prefer online casinos because of their simplicity and convenience. Online casinos are becoming more and more popular than land-based casinos due to the rapid development of technology. But crypto casinos are even better. It’s a great technology milestone that greatly simplifies and improves your experience, making gaming a truly worthwhile experience that you’ll remember for a long time and leave no bad impressions. Feel free to take advantage of the welcome bonuses at gambling with crypto on CoinPlay, and be sure to try the new digital development milestone.