Top 10 Resources for Getting Technical Knowledge for Free

Looking for the most authentic resources to learn valuable technical skills for absolutely free? Here’s the deal! There are numerous resources online where students can learn without paying a single penny.

These are the same skills that coders, programmers, and essay writers – possess nowadays. These platforms are good for nurturing and polishing valuable technical and analytical skills. 

Check out the best ten resources for getting technical knowledge for free below.

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the best code learning sites for students and people who have an interest in coding. Codecademy offers outstanding free and paid coding courses in various languages.

Students can choose their class and desired coding language to get started. The free courses include introductory sessions of coding and basic coding. However, students can go for paid courses for more technical and difficult coding.

The basic coding course includes HTML (used to make google apps), CSS (used to make Apple apps), Go, and swift. Codecademy also guides students on where to start and with what to start by its sorting quiz. To practice the learned coding, one can use a code editor.

2. edX

edX is a nonprofit service for students worldwide. edX collaborates with the best universities around the globe, such as Harvard. There are 3000+ free lessons regarding multiple subjects.

edX has designed the service with the new learning and teaching methods as per subjects. The teaching material includes video lectures, reading lessons, exercises and quizzes. The free course doesn’t earn pupils a certificate; students need a paid plan for certifying the tasks performed.

Moreover, anyone can learn coding by selecting the computer science category. The coding programs at edX include HTML, SQL, C++, Python, C, and Javascript. Note that the free course comes with an expiration date.

3. is another nonprofit service for learning to code. Their main objective is to include coding in the mainstream syllabus worldwide. The teaching methods of are highly suitable for beginners and students with basic coding knowledge.

The has a blocking system that allows users to drag and drop code, making it easier for beginners. Furthermore, has many tutorials for creating apps, websites, and games and learning quick coding.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an educational platform to help the students for free. Although the website has a lot of paid courses, thousands of the systems are available for free. The website has over 130,000 lessons and sessions.

For coding, there are more than 2000 lessons available. These lessons include language programming—programs like HTML, game building, data science development, WordPress theme creation, etc.

Students can get to the specific subjects and features by searching for categories and subcategories. They can first go for courses with higher ratings and good instructor reviews. Free online courses don’t award a certificate to students and mostly consist of video lectures.

5. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is one of the best code learning websites with several extraordinary features. The application has 40,000-plus graduate working alumni. These alumni work for Google, Apple, Spotify, and other big names. 

The website is organized from beginners to advanced classes for students to start immediately. It has a 3,000 hours curriculum for coding and generating. Moreover, the learning and editing interface is responsive enough to be used from a phone.

Not only are students granted a certificate for free courses, but also guidance and feedback on their work from fellow students.

6. MIT OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare is a platform that allows MIT’s graduate and undergraduate courses for free. These courses have a majority of operational and developmental computer science. Beginners can go for the introductory programming courses initially.

The introductory programming courses include basic learning of languages.  These languages are Python, Javascript, C, and C++, along with many programming skills. The courses include e-books, video lectures, exams, assignments, and self-testing. Not to forget, MIT OpenCourseWare does not offer a certificate to students enrolled in free courses.

7. The Odin Project

The Odin Project didn’t create a course by itself. Rather, it collected all the free sources available to learn to code and created a novice-friendly syllabus. So, the students can stop wasting their time and energy finding the right source and starting right away.

People previously unaware of programming can enroll in the foundation coding course to learn Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The service has the ability to turn students into employers by the end of courses, as almost all the courses include a how to get hired developer option.

The Odin Project will further teach students to create an opportunity and succeed in interviews. There is a discord room for students to clear their doubts with other students.

8. W3Schools

W3Schools is known as the largest web developer site on the market nowadays. It includes a learning course for everything, be it HTML or Python. W3Schools is a great reference for students’ projects as well. 

Not only English speakers but non-English speakers can learn coding here with the help of a built-in Google translator. The courses are enhanced by tutorials, quizzes, assignments, exams, and a code editor.

9. Bento

Like The Odin Project, Bento is a service that collects the best free sources for learning code. It creates an amazing curriculum for students. It is easy to navigate with its simple selecting options. Students can straightly select the programming language to master.

The courses are distributed into beginners, intermediate and advanced lessons. The coding languages offered at Bento are JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, and Python.

Bento also teaches its students to use Shell, Sublime Text, and GitHub to master command lines. After completing one course, they can always look for “Related Courses.”

10. is another service that collects the best courses for students around the globe. selects the best featured and best-rated programs to ensure the accuracy of courses.

Students are just required to put the desired program in the search bar and select the best-featured course. The courses can be filtered by skill level, subcategory, and exercises.

Final words

Learning technical skills is the need of the hour, but getting guidance without paying is even better. Free technical knowledge can prove to be a life-changer for students who cannot afford paid courses but have the zeal to learn.