Thoma’s Birthday and the Special Rewards list?

Thoma’s Birthday and the Special Rewards: Genshin Impact has a unique method of adding life to its characters. 

It is through having birthday celebrations for them. So it’s time to celebrate Thoma’s birthday or his special day. Genshin Impact celebrates birthdays by providing travelers with particular rewards.

 In this guide, let’s look at the birthday of Thoma in Genshin Impact and what special rewards you can get.

It’s Thoma’s birthday! Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact celebrates Thoma’s birthday on the 9th of January. The team gave the player a sweet note from Thoma on his birthday. 

In the message, Thoma expresses to the traveler how he’s been concerned about them not taking care of themselves during their trip.

 Also, they mention that they have missed Mondstadt occasionally, primarily due to the traveler’s desire to visit them.

The note concludes about the Dinner treats are served to Thoma. That’s where a unique reward comes in.

Special Reward for Thoma’s Birthday

  • Warmth You can use it to replenish 14% of the maximum HP to your unique character. It will also fill a certain number of HP every 5 seconds for the next 30 minutes.
  • Butter Crab: It can be consumed to boost the healing effects over in the following 300 minutes by 10 percent.
  • Delicious Yakisoba Utilize it to bring back a character. It also helps restore its 550HP.
  • Food items: These increase the defensibility of all members of the party.

All the benefits that you can get in honor of Thoma’s birthday and how they impact how you consume them.

This guide sums up the information about Thoma’s birthday and special rewards on Genshin Impact.

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