The Nvidia RTX3090 Ti is expected to be released by the end of March.

The newest Nvidia cards, the RTX 3090 Ti and the 3050, were announced during CES in January.

 The 3050 is now available, and its bigger brother hasn’t yet been given an official release date after the delay from a January release. 

It appears that we’ll see our next Titan card around the middle of March.

According to the website Videocardz, which declares a 29th March street date. 

The site devoted to GPUs shows an authentic embargo (someone has broken that) that announces a simultaneous announcement at 6 am.

 Information, the launch of the product, and reviews from journalists and other influencers. 

The “it’s available now’ approach could go in any direction about bots and scalpers; however, we’ll only need to wait for a couple of weeks to find out if this date of March 29 is correct.

For what the 3090 Ti can perform, it has 24 GB GDDR6X RAM. It also has 40 Teraflops of GPU performance and 78 the ray tracer and the 320 required to perform AI tasks.

 Overall, this amounts to a GPU about 10 percent more efficient than the regular 3090. It’s the highest-priced in the 30-series at USD 1,499, and it’s evident.

However, Nvidia‘s upcoming RTX GPU may be more powerful. 

The top-end 40 series card is said to have the capacity to be “twice as fast” as 3090; that’s quite a statement. 

You should expect to buy a new PSU with the GPU because ray-tracing has already eaten vast amounts of power.