The Most Thrilling RiverSweeps Games You Can Have For Your Sweepstakes Business

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The colossal popularity of sweepstakes games is among the chief reasons why many entrepreneurs worldwide want to include them in the catalog of their offerings. Plus, if this inspired you to start your own sweepstakes business, it is easier than ever because there are sweepstakes software like RiverSweeps that will provide you with literally everything you need.

In a sweepstakes business, the games are the centerpiece. They are like the main course dishes in a restaurant order. Without these games, you wouldn’t really be able to gain an edge in such a competitive industry like sweepstakes.

Incorporating games is a fantastic way to increase interactivity amongst your customers because this is more appealing than just asking them to enter their name and email address in a form.

But how do you actually get started? Most entrepreneurs are not expert game developers, so how can they acquire such games for their shops? Luckily, companies like Riverslot can provide you with a massive library of sweepstakes games. You only need to choose which you like for your sweepstakes business. In this article, you will learn about the games that Riverslot has.

Some Of The Leading Games Offered At Riverslot

1. ‘Thunder Fishing’

“Thunder Fishing” is one of those fish games taking the world by storm. It is an exciting sweepstakes game that will have your players hooked from the very first try.

Set in a tranquil lake with a backdrop of a beautiful sunset behind rolling hills, the game will have players use a “fishing rod” to catch as many fish as they can. The more fish they catch, the more points they are going to earn.

As you can see, “Thunder Fishing” is midway between being easy to play and challenging. It will require players to be quick and accurate to catch the most fish. They will also have to be strategic.

Aside from the stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, it also has a bonus round where players can win extra points. You can play with the money wheel or a slot game. Overall, “Thunder Fishing” is a remarkable sweepstakes game that will keep your players entertained.

2. ‘Reel Rider Rapid Link’

This game is one of the most popular Rapid Link games around. Developed by Netgame, “Reel Rider Rapid Link” takes inspiration from the sport of biking. It is a five-reeled online game that does not only offer 40 fixed paylines but also an upbeat soundtrack and beautiful design.

And that’s not all. As your players get on their bikes and traverse the famous Route 66, they will encounter special features like the Rapid Link Bonus, Wild Symbol, and Free Spins with Wild Bike Symbols.

The high-paying symbols are represented by helmets, beer cans, zippo lighters, and Route 66 signs. Your players better keep an eye on those.

Regarding the betting options, “Reel Rider Rapid Link” does not disappoint. The betting range begins with a minimum bet – just 0.20 credits – while the highest bet is up to 100 credits. Regarding its payout potential, this game has an above-average RTP of 96.66 percent, medium volatility, four fixed jackpots, and a maximum win of 1,250 times your player’s stake. It’s thrilling. They would want to play for hours.

3. ‘Wolf Reels Rapid Link’

Have your players park their “Reel Rider’ bikes for a while and venture deep into the wilderness as they play “Wolf Reels.” “Wolf Reels Rapid Link” will let them embark on a journey with wolves, lynxes, rabbits, owls, and deer. This five-by-four slot game offers over a thousand ways to win, having your players chase the free spins and the rapid links for high wins and exciting prizes.

Aside from its alluring graphics, “Wofl Reels Rapid Link” will allow your players to win up to a whopping 4,368 times their bet and gain access to a 96.08 percent RTP, notably higher than what other games offer.

4. ‘Fruit Cash Hold ‘N’ Link’

In the arena of Hold ‘n’ Link games, “Fruit Cash” reigns supreme. Also from Netgame, “Fruit Cash Hold ‘n’ Link” is known for its superb classic-style design, high volatility, high RTP, five paylines, and five reels.

What’s more, it also boasts a massive number of bonus actions that comprise a free spin round with high-paying symbols, as well as an extra spins feature with multiplier bonus wins. How about that? Plus, your players can enjoy a demo mode if they want to try the game first without risking anything.

Aside from its Art Deco-inspired design that adds vibrancy to the fruits, bars, stars, crowns, and spheres, it boasts an RTP of 96.1 percent, which is still higher compared to those of other games and features like Wild, Hold ‘n’ Link and Free Spins.

5. ‘Luxor Relics: Hold ‘N’ Link’

Another Hold ‘n’ Link game that has been enticing countless sweepstakes players around is “Luxor Relics.” Answer the call of the Egyptian gods as you play this game. Let your players imagine they are entering an ancient Egyptian pyramid, but instead of wall art and sands, they get wins and bonuses – lots of them.

“Luxor Relics Hold ‘n’ Link” is a majestic five-by-four slot game with 50 win lines. Its graphics featuring the iconic Egyptian queen Cleopatra and jeweled treasures won’t leave your players bored. Plus, the game’s Cleopatra is also stacked, giving them the chance to receive massive wins from four symbols at once.

Furthermore, the game brings players to a 10-spin system for more chances of winning. Each 10th spin will have the game’s Fire Frames transforming into Wilds, and nobody can resist those prizes.

But wait, there’s more. The game also has three Scatter Symbols to encourage players to spin more for more jackpots. There’s also a bonus feature loaded with more jackpots and cash. Your players can never have enough.

Some Of The Other Games From Riverslot

Here are some of the other games available from Riverslot:

Fish Games

  • “Fishing Kingdom”

Rapid Link Games

  • “Leprechaun Rapid Link Boost”

Hold ‘N’ Link Games

  • “Dolphin Queen Hold ‘n’ Link”
  • “Hot Cash Hold ‘n’ Link”
  • “Just Gems Hold ‘n’ Link”

Avail RiverSweeps Today

Aside from the complete system, the 24/7 high-quality support, and the training you will get when you avail RiverSweeps, this magnificent sweepstakes software also has a library of over 100 games. You only need to pick which ones you like for your sweepstakes business. Many business owners have tried the software and are seeing the benefits it provides. Your success in the sweepstakes awaits with RiverSweeps.