The Grand Mafia Codes Wiki List

This list of The Grand Mafia codes is the most up-to-date one since it includes all the most recent and working principles that can use right now.

 As codes used by The Grand Mafia expire in the blink of an eye, many fans from all over the globe are struggling to find the most recent and working codes.

 If you’re one of them, take a look at us since we’ve got you covered.

Alongside providing a list of The Grand Mafia redemption codes in this article, it will show players how to redeem code within games and look for new codes.

Without further delay, we’ll get going:

The Grand Mafia Codes List – January 2022

Contrary to other gaming websites, we test and validate each code before updating it here. 

That’s right, it’s right! Therefore, the codes listed below were functioning and in use at this post’s writing date.

 If, however, you find an invalid code or expired, notify us to eliminate those obsolete codes from the list.

Working the Grand Mafia Codes

Here’s the complete list of valid and active TGM codes which can use immediately:

  • Noviygod — Use this coupon and receive free rewards
  • TGM888 —Redeem this coupon and receive free rewards
  • is welcome. Use this code to redeem it to receive tips for free
  • 2Happy0New2Year2Redeem this coupon code to receive reward points for your efforts.

Expired Coupons

This code is no longer valid and cannot be used now:

  • Christmas25
  • Montgolfier
  • TGM12
  • N1eiger2
  • Thxgiving
  • zimablizko
  • mafiagoda
  • Golden11
  • mafia777
  • mafiagoda

How do I Redeem Codes for The Grand Mafia?

The process of redeeming codes  is too easy. People who aren’t aware of how to redeem codes must follow these steps:

  • Start the game from your smartphone.
  • Tap on your profile’s avatar and then go into your profile’s Settings section.
  • Now, click on then the redeem Code button.
  • Enter a valid code in the box for text.
  • Once you have entered your information, press your Okay button to redeem your reward.

Where can I find More Latest Codes?

To obtain the latest code for The Grand Mafia, you must follow the creators through Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. 

These are the three leading platforms on which the developers drop new codes first. 

So if you are following their accounts on the platforms listed above, you’ll be alerted when they release new codes.