The First Invasion of Elden Ring Player Goes Terribly Wrong

Elden Ring isn’t a Dark Souls game; however, it has many similarities with FromSoftware’s earlier works. 

Much similar to Dark Souls games, Elden Ring offers a unique approach to PvP multiplayer in which players can infiltrate the worlds of their opponents. 

At times, Elden Ring invaders can take on their opponents easily and cause havoc to their runs; however, at other times, the intruder is defeated and returned to their world of shame.

A single Elden Ring player discovered painfully that invasions don’t always go according to plan. 

Reddit user NikWarlord posted the video of their initial Elden Ring invasion, and it certainly wasn’t as successful as they expected. 

After arriving in their foe’s universe, NikWarlord and their opponent fight. 

It at first appears like they are trying to ally the sense that they maintain a distance from one another.

Then, NikWarlord’s opponent flies to the opposite side of a shack, one of the many scattered throughout Elden Ring‘s vast open world. 

NikWarlord will naturally follow their adversaries but is surrounded by two others waiting to attack. 

Three against one isn’t an easy task; however, it’s more challenging to conquer in the Elden Ring, which is why NikWarlord loses in the end.

Elden Ring invasions could be more difficult to make successful when compared to other FromSoftware games because players have more backup. 

Elden Ring co-op lets at least three people play the land together.

 One host player with two summons which’s primary goal is to aid the host player take on the boss in that particular area. 

When you defeat the boss, you can send summons back to their respective games; however, they can be quickly returned.

It’s easy to start a co-op with Elden Ring

All you have to do is move only a few steps to the main story, and they’ll be equipped with the necessary tools to invite others to their world and become part of the world of others.

 It’s not the most straightforward co-op game on the planet; however, it’s a good one and is more accessible than the co-op system in several previous works by FromSoftware.

There are reports that Elden Ring DLC is coming soon, and if it is, it will be interesting to see if it improves the game’s co-op or multiplayer features. 

While waiting, Elden Ring players will continue invading the other’s fun and fighting for their lives against the invaders.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.