The Best Clear and Gradient Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases 2022

If you’re using an iPhone 14 Pro Max without a case, then you probably don’t care about your phone. Giving out $1,099 on a phone that can get a lot of scratches and bumps without a case is of no use. The first thing that should be done is to buy a case for your iPhone 14 Pro.

The best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases can make sure that your phone does not suffer any catastrophic damage. The reason is that you don’t know when it is going to fall from your hands or get bumped into something. Indeed, recent iPhone 14 Pro Max reviews revealed that there is a chance that your phone will break if it falls from a foot high, so be cautious. So the best alternative is to use the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases. 

You’ll need a case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, such as one from the brand MKEKE. It comprises some of the outstanding iPhone 14 Pro Max cases that not only secure your phone but provide a lot of other benefits that you might need.

Following are some of the attributes that the Mkeke case for the iPhone 14 Pro max provides.

Scratch and wear resistance

One of the best features of the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear and Gradient cases is their resistance to wear and scratching. Most of the clear cases do not have that quality because they can get scratched and worn very easily. So using Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear and Gradient cases will protect your phone from scratches, and the case itself will not get any scratches.

Anti yellow 

Most of the time, the clear cases for phones get yellow and pale after using them for a while. There are a lot of reasons for that, although it often happens with low-quality clear cases. Fortunately, Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Max clear and gradient cases are completely anti-yellow. There is no chance that it can get a pale or yellow color after using it for a while. It is the perfect way to place a stunning look on your iPhone 14 Pro without any pale or yellow shade.

an accurate charging port

Another great thing about the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max clear and gradient cases is that they have an accurate charging port. Some cases have a rough charging port, which takes a lot from iPhone users whenever they want to charge their phones. Luckily, in terms of Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Cases, there will be no such things. You can even position the charging port with your eyes closed.

comfortable in hands

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max clear and gradient cases are very comfortable to hand, thanks to the streamlined design and the material in hand. As we know, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is made from aluminum, which is very slippery in hand. Once you start using Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max clear cases, there won’t be such problems afterward. It will be firm in your hands with a steadfast grip.

Dual Protection Concept

iPhone 14 Pro Max Mkeke Clear and gradient cases have the concept of dual protection. One is the built-in airbags in all four corners that protect vital parts of the phone, especially if it falls from some point on the floor. The other is the extended edge protection technology. Now, this is something every phone needs to protect its display. Mkeke is very concerned with display protection, which, when combined with extended edge protection, saves the phone when it is dropped on its face on the floor.

simple to use

Most of the cases with these sorts of protections are much heavier and more robust in size. Unfortunately, the new Apple iPhone 14 pro max lacks this feature. It is slim, and the 6D protection exists simultaneously. Other than that, it has attributes of shockproofing and drop resistance that increases your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s protection, even more, especially where it drops from a certain distance.

Gradient and clear

Sometimes you don’t need a dark-colored case or a case with animation because it covers up the whole beauty of a phone. Cases like the MKEKE Clear and Gradient cases don’t cover the beauty of the phone. It looks simple and decent, which is what you need despite making your phone look wild.


There is no such weight for Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Cases. In fact, you wouldn’t feel any extra weight when using it on your iPhone 14 Pro Max. Moreover, it is not bulky or strange in the hands. There is no hard work involved in installing the MKEK case on the phone. You can easily install and remove the case whenever you want.

Mkeke iPhone Case Manufacturers

Since 2015, Mkeke has been the leader in designing the best iPhone cases in the world. It has become the top iPhone case brand and has already sold millions of cases with more than 1,000,000 good ratings on all the top online stores.

The Mkeke brand is very secure about the environment. It is completely certified as climate pledge-friendly.In fact, those who want a sustainable case for their iPhone 14 Pro Max Mkeke cases have the best option.

Amazon has already made Mkeke the best Amazon choice and best-selling banner brand on Amazon. Whenever you want to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max case, you will see mkeke at the top of the page with these badges.

Other designs and materials in iPhone Pro Max cases include magnetic cases, gradient silicone, clear acrylic, and hand painting. Mkeke always keeps up with market trends, and according to them, they design the cases. They are always keen on the user’s preferences and focus on the customer experience to meet all the customer’s needs better.

Mkeke dispatched 5,000+ orders per day, which says a lot about their customer support and overall services that every buyer would love to receive.

The MKEKE iPhone case is synchronized with the release of an Apple phone. So every time a new iPhone is released, the first case on the market will be available in the Mkeke iPhone case brand.

Final Viewpoints

 Knowing that your new iPhone Pro Max needs a lot of protection, why not go for a case like the iPhone 14 Pro Max clear or gradient cases? It will certainly protect your phone from any damage and will give it a stunning look as well.