Stardew Valley 1.6 Update Has Been Announced

Stardew Valley has earned excellent reviews ever since its debut, but that hasn’t prevented the game’s lone developer from releasing several updates with additional content. Longtime fans were thrilled by adding new regions, NPCs, and late-game content in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update.

However, it seems that ConcernedApe is still working on new features. He disclosed that version 1.6 is in dialogue with a fan in the works.

Stardew Valley fans shouldn’t anticipate a lot of new content from the upcoming update 1.6, according to Barone, alias ConcernedApe. The developer said that although he didn’t go into much detail, the update for version 1.6 would mainly make it simpler for players to generate modifications for the game. Although not as much as the 1.5 updates, it will include some new content.

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Some players may have believed that updates to Stardew Valley were finished, except for bug patches, since ConcernedApe’s next game Haunted Chocolatier, was in development. When asked whether the game would get a 1.7 update, Barone said, “Who knows,” indicating that he is not completely ruling out the possibility.

Additionally, he said that although there will be a relationship between the next game and Stardew Valley in some way, Barone hasn’t exactly determined how far to go with it since he wants Haunted Chocolatier to have its distinct personality.

This information may surprise some fans, as Barone said he wasn’t sure the game would get further updates after the 1.5 version. He said in January that he didn’t have any plans for additional Stardew Valley content, even though he wasn’t completely discounting the concept. But enough time has elapsed for him to generate some fresh concepts.

Unfortunately, some players cannot access the Stardew Valley 1.5 update and all the new stuff it includes. Although Barone has frequently said it is still being worked on and will ultimately be published, mobile gamers have not yet gotten the 1.5 updates.

The end of 2020 saw the release of 1.5 for PC users, and the upgrade hit consoles the following year. Regardless of size, the majority of players will probably be delighted to learn about a new update, but mobile fans are still unsure of when they will be able to access the stuff that other players have already completely explored.

Stardew Valley still has a thriving and active fan base that is kept interested by the large modding culture and official updates. Even if 1.6 turns out to be the last update, there’s no telling where the game may go from here since Barone intends to simplify the mod production process for players.