Next, Nintendo Direct will focus on third-party

Next, Nintendo Direct will focus on third-party: With large showcases like Summer Game Fest and the Xbox and Bethesda, Games Showcased having occurred a few weeks ago and lesser exhibitions appearing less often as June draws to a close, the typical “E3” season seems to be over.

Despite this, Nintendo hasn’t released anything more than a Direct presentation centered on Xenoblade Chronicles 3. While reports have suggested that a Nintendo Direct would be released on June 29th, a recent remark has suggested that this showcase will highlight third parties rather than the impressive list of Switch first-party exclusives coming this year.

For years, Nintendo has conducted a significant Nintendo Direct presentation in conjunction with E3, but in 2020 the firm decided to have many Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase events during the second half of 2020 instead, breaking tradition.

Even though Nintendo made a major Direct when it returned in June 2021, the elimination of E3 in 2022 has prevented fans from seeing a significant June showcase again.

Even though there is a mounting indication that Nintendo will host a showcase on or around June 29th, it suddenly seems possible that this may not be the program that viewers were hoping for.

The editor of the Spanish video gaming magazine Manual, Nacho Requena, said during a live broadcast that the next Nintendo Direct would air on Tuesday and will mostly focus on third-party games.

A Persona game and a four-year-old game that has been ported to the Nintendo Switch, according to VGC, will be featured at the expo. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope will probably show up, according to reputable leaker Tom Henderson.

According to these remarks, the next Nintendo Direct may consist of a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase presentation. Requena claims that the program would premiere on Tuesday, June 28, rather than Wednesday, June 29, which contradicts what Alanah Pearce said earlier this month. VGC added support to Pearce’s reporting. However, this is likely the result of different timezones.

Given the number of first-party games in production, a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase would be sorely lacking, but just because the showcase will concentrate on third-party games doesn’t mean first-party games won’t be there.

Not all Direct Mini presentations have been partner showcases, but the next wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC courses is about to be disclosed and published. Given that exclusives from outside companies have previously emerged during Direct Mini demos, Bayonetta 3 may be shown. Additionally, Square Enix hinted at details on this month’s Dragon Quest Treasures, which hasn’t yet been released and may be unveiled during this Direct.