12 Sites to Read Comics Online for Free in 2021

If you are a comic enthusiast looking for some good comics websites, then this post is specially written for you. Here, I’ll provide you a list of Top 12 free sites to read comics online. I’ll try to list only the sites that offer their services for free so that anyone and everyone can enjoy the comics. Comics hold a special place in the hearts of their readers.

Not being able to find or read our favourite comic is none less than an ache. So, this post will help you to get rid of this problem by providing you free websites to read comics online.

12 Sites to Read Comics Online

I’ve compiled a complete list of the Top 12 genuine websites to read comics online, along with their introductions and links. Just go through this list, visit the sites, and start roaming in the adventurous world of comics.

1. ComiXology

ComiXology is a very popular digital comics portal. Being a comics fan, you should definitely put a bookmark on this website. It is not completely free to use, but it offers a lot of comics for absolutely free. You can also purchase a subscription, and the money spent would be worth it if you are much into comics. For your privacy concerns, this platform is owned by Amazon and is completely genuine. You must try this at least once.

2. Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle Store is now the largest digital reading gallery on the web. It offers a massive range of eBooks, including comics for you to read online. However, not every book is provided for free. But, when it comes to reading comics or even manga, a lot of good ones are free to read. You just have to browse patiently to look for the quality content made available for free. Or, if you wish you can spend some money.

3. Marvel’s Official Site

Marvel, is by far, the most popular name in the comics world. Every second kid has read or at least heard about Marvel while growing up. However, Marvel also has a website known commonly as Marvel Unlimited that offers users free issues to read. Currently, they have around 50 issues available, and the number is ever increasing. The best part is you don’t mandatorily need to register or subscribe to avail the freebies. Also, if you wish you can choose to purchase your favorite comics. If you are Marvel fanboy, this website could become your favorite in less than five visits.

4. Read DC

The next name on our list is of the arch-nemesis of Marvel, the DC Comics. They also have their official comic portal known as ‘Read DC.’ It is a great website to browse through digital DC comics. They also offer a number of free issues to read without having any subscription. Although you will need an account to add the free issue to your cart in order to read it. Or, if you wish you can select to purchase any comic you like. Also, you can use your ComiXology accounts on this website if you own one.

5. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum is a wonderful website to read comics online. You can find the most popular and fan-favorite classic comic books here for completely free. The same classics are sold at very high prices in the retail stores, backyard sales, and auctions. You have to register for an account on this website in order to download the comic book issues. The only drawback of using this website is that they don’t update the portal with the latest comics regularly.

6. DriveThruComics

DriveThruComics is the next name on our list of Top 12 websites to read comics online for free. This site has been a paradise for the comics geeks for years now. It has a huge range of comics, except the DC and Marvel ones, for completely free of cost. The website offers comics in various languages and genres. The only drawback of this site is the UI, which is not so modern. However, that won’t cause much trouble as you just have to find and pick some interesting comics, and then you can just ignore the website and stay lost inside the comic. You should definitely visit this once if you love a variety of comics.

7. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is one more name on our list that specializes in the classics category of comics. It offers legally free issues to its audience in a beautiful manner. The homepage of this website appears very interesting. You don’t have to register for an account or subscribe to anything. Just go through their well-oriented collection, and find your favorite classics comics, and fulfill your desire to read comics online.

8.  Newsarama

Newsarama is more than just another digital comics portal. It does offer free comics issues to read to the users, but it also has some other specialties. If you are interested in Sci-fi, this website could be a treat for your time as you can read or discuss theories and speculations here. Also, you can go through a properly curated collection of free comics and other texts. You can also read the latest Sci-fi related news on this website. It is a really interesting place to visit on the web.

9. GoComics

GoComics is another popular name in our list of Top 12 websites to read comics online for free. It offers a varying range of comics issues that you can read for completely free. The only setback of using this website is that you will get ads. But, there is an option to get rid of the ads by upgrading to their premium subscription. Also, there is a 30-Days Free Trial available if you are hesitant to pay without trying out the premium services. They have a very interesting collection of comics available, so you should go and check them out.

10. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is not a generic digital comics portal, but it is specially designed for older audiences. You can’t find the regular commercial comics on this website, but you can surely find the older classics that have turned into collectibles now. It also has a good collection of mangas if you wish to read them. You can definitely roam through this portal without getting bored if you are a true comics enthusiast.

11. Dark Horse Free Pages

Dark Horse Free Pages is the official comics website of the Dark Horse Publishers. This website offers a good collection of comics for completely free. The UI of the website is also worth noticing, and you can easily browse to your favorite categories. The website is also regularly updated with the latest trending issues for the users to enjoy.

12. ElfQuest

ElfQuest is a digital comics portal that has survived the competition for years now. It offers more than 20 million comics and graphic novels to its audience. It is one of the longest-running independent graphic novel series in the States. This site has a free online collection of more than 7000 vintage art and stories. Other books and Podcasts are also available on this website. You can order whatever you like from them.

Final Words

These were the Top 12 Websites to read comics online for free. Now you can just go through them and enjoy reading your favorite comic books.

If you have any suggestions about the list or inform me about some other newer websites, feel free to contact me in the comments section. I hope I helped you with this post.