19 Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2020

Similar to web hosting, image hosting sites are those that allow the user to upload images on their server. Later, users may access it any time, or the admin may even choose to make those images public to everyone. Today, we will be discussing some of the best free image hosting sites that allow you to host pictures without any charge.

There are so many images hosting websites, but most of them are paid, and therefore, we will be listing out some of the best image hosting platforms. Whether you want to share your image to someone or to store it as a memory, an image hosting is the only thing that will satisfy your requirements. I have been using SmugMug for storing my portfolio and other photos but unfortunately, it is paid.

Let us not get into the roots and move further to the main subject.

9 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

There are hundreds of image hosting sites online that can certainly satisfy your storing & sharing requirements, but trusting them all is a BIG risk. Not related to our discussion, but just past this week, my friend’s website was hacked because his hosting had flaws. Therefore, choosing any host is a crucial thing, and we have listed some trustworthy free image hosting sites.

1. Google Photos

Most of us recognize Google as a search engine, but it offers a lot that just lets you search the web. Google Photos is a fantastic image storage service offered by Google, which is also used for sharing photos.

Before, it was a part of Google+, but in 2015 (source), it was separated from G+ and became a whole entity subjected to Google Photos. Unlike most of the hosting platforms, Google Photos does not charge anything and let you upload unlimited media (photos & videos) with a limitation of 16megapixels for photos & 1080p for video files.

The limitation is negligible for the people who capture photos & videos through their smartphone but may be an issue for the high-level photographers. If you are searching for a sites to upload and save images, then Google Photos is the first thing any geek would suggest to you.


  • Google Photos provides mobile applications for both Android & iOS.
  • Automatically organizes into relevant categories.
  • User-friendly interface with unlimited free storage.

2. Flickr

Flickr is another powerful image & video website that has been serving people for free for a very long time. Users can access the data without creating an account, but to upload images and video files, you must create an account.

It belongs to the freemium segment of image hosting sites and offers both free & premium (paid) plans. Unfortunately, it does not provide free users with unlimited storage and flexible uploads. The free plan limits the upload number to a maximum of 1000 files and a maximum of 3 minutes long video files.

It offers flexible access to all the users, and people can also guard the privacy of their photos as private. Similar to Google Photos, Flickr proffers optimized mobile apps for iOS as well as Android. For people with limited requirements, Flickr is certainly a satisfying option.


  • It proffers an enchanting interface for both web & mobile platforms.
  • Flickr filters offensive & inappropriate images, automatically making it a safe platform to search & host images.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that enables you to host a lot more than just images and videos. It is usually subjected to as a virtual computer because it allows users to create and store files.

Similar to most of the image hosting sites, Dropbox offers a freemium account with limited storage, and users can upgrade the space according to their requirements. You can sign up for the basic plan that offers 2GB free storage space to all users.

The most enchanting feature of Dropbox is that it syncs all the stored data across all the linked devices. If you require more space, then you can upgrade to the Plus plan or the Professional plan for more storage by Dropbox.


  • Intuitive interface with flexible & easy to use features.
  • Compatible with almost all the major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, iOS, and other mobile devices.

4. Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, but smart people can also treat it as a free image hosting website. Yes, Instagram is a free open source platform to share images publicly or store privately. I have been using Instagram for storing images and videos, but admitting that it is an informal way of doing it.

You will require a third-party application to download uploaded media and storing unlimited media for free demands little hustle. Users can even share media with other people directly without any technical hassle.

Apart from Instagram, you can use any other social media to store or share images & videos as almost all of the platforms offer privacy adjusting functions.


  • Instagram is a casual or informal way to store or share images & videos.
  • No limit of uploading or sharing after the updated IGTV feature.

5. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud hosting service offered by Apple and owns a user base of about a billion users. Similar to Dropbox, iCloud syncs all the uploaded data, including photos, videos, and other data across all devices.

iCloud provides all users with free storage of 5GB that can be used to store various documents & files. Users can attach more space by upgrading their storage plans. iCloud provides 3 flexible plans with different pricing for every country.


  • Flexible & affordable plans compared to other cloud storage & computing services.
  • Perfect for business & professional work purposes as it enables sharing files with a single link.

6. Imgur

As the name suggests, Imgur is an online image sharing & hosting platform that allows users to store and share images online. It has plenty of enchanting features, and the most entertaining is the album, one that enables users to create albums of relevant photos.

To increase socializing, Imgur introduced comments on viral images and features to submit their uploads to public images.

Note: The content (images) at Imgur is not owned by Imgur, and hence, before using, always take permission from the user.

7. Imgbox

ImgBox is one of the most popular sites to upload and host images. It provide users with a minimal & straightforward interface. It offers unlimited storage capacity with no expiration period of the images uploaded. To enhance the user experience, Imgbox allows users to upload images and make hot-links without any signup or login.

I have personally used it before adding it to our list, and the upload speed is pretty fast with no extra hassles. Like most of the free hosting sites, Imgbox has limited the upload size limit to a maximum upload of 10MB that means users cannot upload a file larger than 10 MB.

8. PostImage

Post Image is a popular free image hosting site that is widely used for integrating photos in forums. It offers unlimited storage with flexible expiration of the picture too.

Many people use it to resize images instantly as it allows users to change image size while uploading. If you are looking for something free & flexible, then Post Image is certainly the best pick for you.

9. 4Shared

Last but not least, 4Shared is a fantastic free file sharing & hosting website that offers 15GB free storage to all its users. It does not limit file sharing to images & videos and enables users to upload anything they wish.

Unlike other sites, 4Shared is encrypted with SSL to secure the database. The interface of 4Shared is enchanting and does not bore the user with a creepy basic structure. Besides, you can upgrade the storage to 100GB and more at an affordable subscription price.

Pro Tip: Multiple Accounts = More Space

List of 19 Top Image Hosting Sites

Here is another big list of sites where you can host images without even signing up on them.

  1. Google  Photos
  2. Flickr
  3. Dropbox
  4. Instagram
  5. iCloud
  6. Imgur
  7. ImgBox
  8. PostImage
  9. 4Shared
  10. Photobucket
  11. imgBb
  12. TechPowerup
  13. Gifyu
  14. Fotki
  15. ImgGmi
  16. Pexels
  17. PicHost
  18. Devianart
  19. Pxhere

Final Words

Choosing an image hosting site is a crucial task, and therefore, we should carefully verify the site. Today, we listed some of the best image hosting sites to satisfy your image hosting requirements without costing you a penny.

All the mentioned websites are trustworthy, and you can use any of the sites mentioned above without any fear of losing your data. If you require more space, then I recommend upgrading and not fall for free sites that are probably a trap or un-secure. If you have any suggestions or doubts, then comment below, and we’ll respond to it shortly. Also, share these pearls with your mates and help them host their images & videos for absolutely free of charge.