Self Care: How to create your own Comfort Zone

Home, they say, is where the heart lies. But not too many understand this statement, a home is not (or should not be) a physical abode, it can be a physical space or people, but your level of emotional attachment to this place has a lot to do with it. So, with this, a home is technically where you feel comfortable; where your mind and nerves feel relaxed, and where your soul feels welcomed.

So, when you find this place, hold on to it, own it – A home mustn’t be your place of birth. The question is, “how do you create or build your own home? How do you create your comfort zone? In this piece, jointly prepared with Meta.Reviews, we will be listing five known ways you can go about creating your comfort zone even without help.

5 Ways to Create Your Own Comfort Zone

1. Mingling with the Right People 

Yes, since you can find comfort in people, you can as well try as much as you can to meet the right ones. Before you can succeed in this, you have first to know what you want, envision the kind of people need around you, and work towards meeting them. While some are geeks who wish to meet their fellow geeks, others may be fashion inclined individuals looking to engage their fellow-like minds.

2. Find your Inspiration

This is where you get to find what inspires you. Find out what makes and keeps you alive, then work towards sustaining it. It can be a musical instrument, a walk to a suburb downtown, a view of the mountain top, etc., just about anything that triggers, stimulates your mind, and gives you that inner calm, hence, creating a place of comfort.

3. Find the Right Place

This is where you have to find a place with the right people, fortunately, the commonest place you can find such people is your place of birth – your immediate family. Although this cannot be said for everybody as some often find their families irritating. So, look for that place where you will be treated like the queen or king that you are. When you find such a place, your heart and soul will know that it has found its comfort zone.

4. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor helps you find that calmest part of you which will, in turn, help you create your comfort zone as quickly as possible. You mustn’t know him or her in person, it can be an actor actress, a clergy; a televangelist, a politician, etc.  It can even be a member of your family. These people must have done or said something that you find appealing, stick to them, follow them on social media, and let them help you find that comfort zone even without knowing it.

5. Learn Something New

Your place of comfort may not be where you think it is, or what you use to do, most of the time, the best things lie in the place we are yet to be or things we are yet to do. So, go ahead, explore your environment and create your comfort zone.


While trying to find or create your comfort zone, make sure you don’t get too comfortable in it, else, you will shrink in growth and innovation.