Samsung Publishes a White Paper on Its 6G Research; Announces the First 6G Forum on May 13

While we wait for commercial 5G to arrive in India, Samsung Electronics has released a white paper outlining its plan to acquire worldwide 6G frequency bands, considered the next-generation communications technology. In a recent document titled “6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier,” the Korean behemoth highlighted its ambitions “to implement 6G” and reach its ultimate aim. Here are the specifics:

Samsung Publishes a White Paper on 6G Research

Describes 6G communications as the next-generation communications technology that could use to create “Truly Immersive XR,” a virtual reality experience based on an individual’s five senses, as well as “3D High-Fidelity Mobile Holograms and Digital Replica” technologies that could replicate people, objects, and spaces in a virtual environment.

Samsung is exploring analyses of all available 6G bands, spanning from low-band (under 1GHz) to mid-band (up to 24GHz), to meet these goals and secure the 6G spectrum (24GHz to 300GHz). The business also recommends that current 3G, 4G, and 5G bands-based networks convert to function with the impending 6G technology. Studying the 6G technology’s rules and regulations would enhance operations and services once commercially available.

Samsung also claims that the mid-band, which runs from 7GHz to 24GHz, would provide consumers faster speeds and better coverage. At the same time, the sub-terahertz range (92GHz to 300GHz) is being investigated for support of ultra-high data rates.

Aside from that, the firm outlined its study into numerous 6G-related technologies. Sub-THz band communications, cross-division duplex (XDD), full-duplex, energy conversion (AI-ES), artificial intelligence (AI-NC), and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces are among the topics research (RIS).

Samsung has also announced that the inaugural Samsung 6G Forum will take place on May 13. Many industry professionals, academics, and Samsung engineers will offer additional information about the forthcoming communications technology during the event, live-streamed on YouTube. You may sign up for the event right here.

Samsung plans to finish its 6G technology development by 2028. By 2030, the business believes that the mainstream commercialization of 6G technology and services will be complete. So, what are your thoughts on Samsung’s intentions for 6G? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.