Realme Introduce fastest smartphone charging technology

Fastest smartphone charging technology: Realme is looking to improve its “fast charging” game. To do this, it has announced it will introduce the fastest charging speed for smartphones in the world technology at the Mobile World Congress event. 

We’ll see what’s to come from Realme.

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Realme’s new Fast Charging Technology Coming Soon

Its new technology for fast charging will be unveiled in February on the opening day of MWC 2022. 

The launch will continue through March 3. Although Realme has claimed that their technology is believed to be the fastest, we aren’t sure what nature of the speed charging will allow.

However, we do have a clue. Realme is believed to be preparing to unveil their 150W rapid charging tech that could include support for Oppo’s 160W speed charger. 

There’s no information on the speed it’ll be when compared to the present 120W fast charging technology. 

Although it’s slower than Xiaomi’s 200W tech, you should be aware that it isn’t commercial yet.

Realme’s new technology will be a part of the 125W UltraDart fast charging introduced just two years back. 

It’s claimed to power the Realme handset by 33% three minutes. The phone hasn’t even reached market-leading smartphones as of yet.

The company has made it clear that it’s new rapid charging technology will be an integral part of the “Go Premium strategy, in which (amongst other technological innovations) it will put in 70 percent of its R&D resources. 

Realme is convinced that ” the new charging technology will overcome the current limitations and enable consumers to charge their phones in a significantly shorter amount in time.

In addition, at the recent Realme 9 Pro series launch event in India, Realme has announced that it is planning to unveil its GT 2 series globally at MWC 2022. 

To remember, the flagship phone sporting its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset was revealed in January of this year.