Chromecast vs Roku – What Should You Buy in 2020?

If you are confused between Chromecast and Roku, then this Chromecast vs Roku Comparison guide will surely help you make your choice. 

The launch of the world’s first smart television in the year 2008 from the tech giant Samsung changed the world’s perspective of watching content on the TV, a smart tv can be used to enjoy the content other than that which is broadcasted. It can be used to stream online shows, watch youtube, and much more, but the time when this innovative gadget was launched, it was so expensive that it could be afforded only by affluents.

A few years later, a smart television dongle was launched that can convert any television with an HDMI port into a smart tv, at present the market is flooded with several smart television dongles. Today I will be doing a brief comparison between two of the most popular smart tv dongles “Chromecast vs Roku,” read the article till the end to clear all your queries.

Smart television is costly due to which people having LCD or LED televisions prefer to use a smart television dongle instead of getting a new smart tv. Such dongles add up features of smart tv to your old tv. Let us see how the Chromecast and Roku smart dongles are different from each other, let’s get started.

Chromecast vs Roku

Chromecast vs Roku – Full Comparison

Chromecast and Roku Premiere are two of the most popular smart dongles that convert your standard television to a smart television; both of these dongles are readily available in the market. Let us get into further more detail about both of the dongles.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a dongle from Google that is capable of converting your standard LCD and LED televisions into a smart tv; this device adds up several exciting features to your old tv. Chromecast 3rd gen dongle is very easy to set up and use; you can simply connect it with the HDMI port of your television to start using it. Since the initial release of Chromecast google has launched several variants of this dongle, the latest version is known as Google Chromecast 3rd Generation. You need to have a good speed wifi connection to use this device as it works with the internet, Chromecast is loaded with several features let us have an eye on some of them.

Features of Chromecast

  • Screen Mirroring – Chromecast allows you to mirror the screen of your other devices such as a computer or mobile phone to the screen of your television.
  • Voice Control – With the help of Google Chromecast, a person can control their television with their voice. Moreover, they can control the smart device of their home connected with the google home.
  • High Resolution – With the help of this Chromecast dongle, a person can stream their favorite content at 1080p resolution.

What is Roku?

Roku is a portable media streaming device that is used to convert your old television into a smart TV; it is the smallest streaming dongle available in the market. Roku streaming dongle has numerous channels and applications to enjoy your favorite content from; this dongle has a separate operating system that has a very user-friendly interface and is easily operable with the remote controller provided along with the dongle.

The remote controller of this smart dongle is very compact with a few quick access buttons such as Netflix, Eros Now, Sling, etc. This dongle is very easy to operate and control, the USB like HDMI slot can be easily attached to the HDMI port of your television, let us get to some of the astonishing features of this dongle.

Features of Roku

  • Compact Size – Roku streaming dongle is the smallest streaming device available in the market; it looks like a USB drive and can easily hide at the back of your television.
  • Wide Variety of Content – This streaming dongle has a wide variety of applications and channels wherein a user can enjoy their favorite content.
  • Quick Access Remote – The remote control of Roku dongle has quick access buttons with the of which one can access Netflix, Eros Now, and Sling easily.

Difference between Chromecast and Roku?

When it comes to choosing a streaming dongle, people get confused between the two Roku and Chromecast; below, I have differentiated both the dongles on the standard bases so that you can choose the one most appropriate for you.

  • Price – The Google Chromecast 3rd generation costs approximately 3500rs, whereas the Roku streaming dongle cost 6300rs, which is very high as compared to the Chromecast.
  • Size – Roku streaming dongle is the smallest dongle available in the market; on the second-hand Chromecast is quite big.
  • User Interface – The user interface of both the streaming devices is amicable, but people find it easier to use Chromecast due to the small number of applications and channels.
  • Streaming Quality – Both the dongle provides their user with excellent streaming quality; a user can stream their favorite content at 1080p 60fps resolution on Chromecast, whereas they can enjoy 4K resolution on Roku premiere.


Nowadays, most people prefer to stream their favorite content online instead of watching it on cable DTH; smart television is in considerable hype. Still, if you have a good quality LCD or LED TV, you can easily convert it to a smart tv with the help of a smart dongle.

In this article, I have compared Chromecast vs Roku, two of the most popular streaming dongles available in the market. I hope you find this article helpful if you have further questions ask me down in the comment section.