Read Free Manga: A List of Shoujo Manga Favorites

Readers have many brand-new comics to fixate on in 2022 for a worthwhile purpose. To the pleasure of enthusiasts worldwide, even though 2022 will soon end, the quantity of new series being launched has shown no signs of stopping. The vast of the newly released series would fit in some manner with the shonen subgenre. However, the latest shojo manga titles have also been emerging at the same time as the shonen series are experiencing an increase in popularity. These are some of the latest shojo manga available, so keep an eye out for them. You can read these without fees on Mangaowl!

1. I My Me Mine by Haru Yuuki

The narrative of I My Me Mine centers on the character of Akira Izuki, who is beginning his first year of high school. She is eager to enjoy her time in high school to the maximum, but things go south when she unintentionally assists the troublemaker Amamiya out of a jam. Akira experiences guilt through connection as she is simultaneously visited by other offenders and rejected because of her connections to them. Amamiya is the only one who would engage in conversation with her, and much to Akira’s surprise, she agrees to be her high school friend.

2. Kaguya-sama: Love is War by Aka Akasaka

Miyuki Shirogane, a prodigy owing to achieving the highest marks in the nation, serves as head of the elite Shuchiin Academy’s student government and collaborates with the stunning and affluent vice president Kaguya Shinomiya. Although they are not romantically together, students frequently think of the 2 as the ideal pair. The two had fallen in love after spending so much time alone, but regrettably, neither is prepared to admit it because it would be a symbol of weakness. Miyuki and Kaguya embarked on a quest to use any necessary means to get a confession from the other, putting their reputations as the best students on the brink.

3. Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love, which debuted in English on March 1st, 2022, stands out among the shojo series in that the main protagonists, Satomi and Yagyu, begin dating. The comic thus focuses on the turbulent start of their romance, from the embarrassing messages to Satomi’s general awkwardness surrounding Yagyu. Yagyu and Satomi initially cross paths when he defends her from a pervert aboard the train. After expressing gratitude for his compassion, they begin meeting each other, which ultimately leads to the beginning of their romance.

4. Tonari no Stella by Ayuko Hatta

Tonari no Stella, also referred to as Stella Next to Me, recounts the life of Chisaki and her renowned close companion Subaru. It becomes evident throughout the narrative that Chisaki has affection for Subaru. She considers it difficult to tell him because of how well-liked he is at university and on tv. Tonari no Stella addresses Chisaki’s internal conflict over whether to pursue a relationship with Subaru or find another who will fit her. But among all the tension, shojo lovers can also look forward to some humor in Subaru’s dual roles as actor and student; for instance, despite his endearing TV persona, Subaru is incredibly lazy.

5. Kekkaishi no Ichirinka by Kureha And Odayaka

For a long time, five crystal columns guard Japan. Hana Ichise, 18, was raised in a branch family that uses paranormal powers to protect the pillars. She has always been overshadowed by Hazuki, her smart twin sister. But when Hana one day awakens to her unique talents, she chooses to keep them hidden because she wants to finish high school undisturbed until Hana falls in love with Saku Ichinomiya, the snobbish but strong head of her family’s main branch. Saku Ichinomiya convinces her to sign a marriage certificate with him. But can Hana achieve her capacity while guided by her future husband?

6. A Girl on the Shore by Inio Asano

Keisuke Isobe and Koume Satou, two middle school classmates, have relatively normal lives in a tranquil coastal city. But when Koume’s infatuation crushes her heart, their circumstance takes an unusual turn. To address the emotional holes in their life, she begins a “no-strings-attached” affair with Keisuke, whom she had initially rejected. Being “friends with benefits” grows challenging as their emotions surface and their connection affects them and the people surrounding them. A Girl on the Shore casts a critical eye on romantic relationships, love, and the emotional damage due to a choice made by two youths.

7. Teikoku no Koiyome by Mato Kauta

On March 24th, 2022, Teikoku no Koiyome—roughly interpreted as Bride of the Empire—was released. This comic series, in contrast to many others on the list, includes certain isekai aspects since Ririel unintentionally reincarnates as the main antagonist of one of her internet books. After learning of her resurrection, Ririel doesn’t spend a moment attempting to set things right by obtaining a separation from Rudius, the prince she initially intended to wed. It is a story that enthusiasts of both the shojo and isekai series should take a closer look at.

8. Bokura ga Ita by Yuuki Obata

One day, Nana has an unfortunate encounter with the famous Motoharu Yano, who has two-thirds of the schoolgirls head-over-heels in love with him. Nana proclaims her dislike towards Yano because of his rebellious behavior and easygoing demeanor. Unknown to her, Yano is carrying a heavy burden: his ex-girlfriend passed away in a horrible automobile accident the previous summer, and he hasn’t yet accepted his reality. The tragedy has affected his capacity to believe the individuals surrounding him and his vision of the outside universe. Nana has pulled back away from the kid when she approaches him. However, when her affections for Yano start to change, Nana is driven to reach out to him and assist him. However, is the issue too big for them to manage?


Shoujo is among the most prominent demographics for manga, with millions of enthusiasts across the globe. It is for young female readers, which often has a touch of romance and magic. We hope this article helped you find a manga to read for your next Shoujo favorites. Select a manga from above and read it without fees on Mangaowl or its alternative, Mangakakalot!