Questions to ask your onboarding software provider

According to HR practitioners and software suppliers, knowing your current processes, anticipating your future needs, and knowing what you hope to accomplish with the software are all essential initial steps in researching HR software or IT onboarding software. But how can you choose which option best accommodates your company’s future expansion plans? The following are the most important things to consider when purchasing IT onboarding software.

How strong is your company currently?

The viability of a corporate enterprise is more important than the efficacy of any one remedy. Companies in the technology industry come at an infuriating rate, frequently abandoning upset clients with nothing more than a useless license. Consequently, it is recommended to do some investigating to ascertain the firmness of the enterprise. Is it dependent on money from venture capitalists? Has the company generated enough cash flow from operations to meet its present obligations without using its cash on hand? Some factors that will be considered in predicting whether or not the company will be around in 12 months are listed above.

What kind of request-to-recruit approval process is included?

A request-to-recruit module is essential to any cutting-edge, enterprise-level recruitment software, as it allows you to streamline your approval process from paper to digital. If you still had to use paper forms for the approval workflow, it would be a shame to have to enter part or all of the form(s) data into the system before you could begin hiring. You should be able to customize an electronic form and its workflow to precisely meet your approval needs using a modern, highly configurable recruitment system.

What is the main expertise they have?

You are searching for an HR solution that stands out from the crowd and is in line with your company’s objectives and priorities among the numerous competitors on the market. Find out why people adore a particular tool by visiting review websites. When that happens, you’ll be able to tell which employees genuinely understand your company and perform well in the tasks that you’ve determined to be most crucial. It’s crucial to use your intuition in this situation, but you can also compare the advantages of rival systems by making a quick list of them.

How does your software assist in giving new hires a personalized experience?

Making the team and feeling welcomed are the main goals of the first day. Determining how the tools at your disposal will enable you to tailor each hire’s experience is crucial. Determine if you have the option of providing a personalized onboarding experience to each employee or if a generic solution will be implemented. One way to make a new hire feel at home on day one is to provide a tailored introduction, video message, team profiles and information, a personalized checklist, and information about the first day’s lunch. Also, see whether there are any pre-existing templates or custom onboarding tools that can be developed to save time.

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How can you improve the design procedure?

A thorough study and design must first occur for any solution to be effectively implemented. As a result, the technology provider you choose must be familiar with your company and the industry in which it functions. With it, the evaluation will be accurate and focused, followed by correct identification and continuous risk monitoring. So, before committing to a vendor, make sure you know how they plan to approach the design of the process and what they can bring to the table to guarantee the best possible performance.

Can it be expanded?

Does the software have scalability? In order to adapt to the ever-changing demands of its customers, rivals, and emerging market prospects, businesses must constantly innovate. To avoid starting the search for a new solution from scratch once your business outgrows the one you have today, it’s a good idea to inquire about the product’s scalability and configuration abilities.

Do any of its features come with a corresponding app?

People have different preferences when using the recruitment system; you may do everything on a large screen and quickly with a PC, while others may prefer to use their mobile devices. Regardless of the above two groups, you fall into, you agree that certain features are required in any decent program. Suppose you have an open position that you need help filling. Is it great to get an instant alert whenever a new applicant comes in? Wouldn’t it be great if you could swipe right away to view their résumé and the rest of their application after receiving an instant notification on your phone? The ability to approve a request to recruit is another function that works very well on a mobile device. A hiring request can be approved or rejected by a traveling executive in a few clicks.

How helpful is customer service?

You should prioritize providing excellent general and technical customer service. Inquire about the time it takes to receive a response, any service level agreements (SLAs), how complaints are handled, and what kind of support is offered, for example, a customer helpline or online help resources.


During the product demo, ask questions, or arrange a second meeting to delve deeper into the software’s particular features that you anticipate using frequently. And, let’s face it, we’ve all gone out and bought something that we thought would be useful and simple to use, to watch it gather dust on a rack somewhere.