Qualcomm’s Apple M1-Competitor CPU Is Set to Launch in Late 2023

While Apple has expanded its M1 line of chipsets for Mac computers, Qualcomm appears to be lagging behind the Cupertino powerhouse. At the end of last year, Qualcomm said that it would make its ARM-based CPU compete with Apple’s M1 chips. The company has put off the release of the new laptop CPU (s). Here are some essential things to look at:

Qualcomm Postpones the Release of Its Apple M1 Competitor CPU

Last year, Qualcomm announced that it would be making an ARM-based CPU for Windows-powered computers. It said that the first chip samples would be ready for manufacturers by August 2022. The first Windows PCs with the new Qualcomm processor were supposed to come out in early 2023.

Last year, for those who don’t know, Qualcomm bought a chip-making startup called Nuvia for $1.4 million. It was made up of former Apple designers. It gave the company the job of making the M1 competitor, and it said that the new CPU would “set the performance standard for Windows PCs.”

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said that the development of the chipset is taking a long time as the Nuvia team moves toward its goal of developing a processor that will be a big step forward for the industry. A few more things: He said that the first Nuvia-designed CPU will be released “after the performance tier.” The first devices backed by the processor will be out in 2023. This is what he said:

So, it looks like Qualcomm didn’t meet its promise of giving the first samples of the CPU to manufacturers by August 2022, as it had said it would do. Later this year, that time frame has been pushed back to the second half of 2022, with commercial Nuvia-powered devices expected to be released in “late” 2023.

Apple is expected to put its M2 family of computer processors on the market at that time. They will have better performance and power. If Apple makes a third-generation M processor for its Mac computers by the time the commercial laptop CPUs from Qualcomm come out, that could be a good thing for Mac users. So, do you think Qualcomm will be able to beat Apple in this CPU race? Do tell us what you think about this in the comments below.