Apple Watch Series 8 May Include a Body Temperature Sensor, According to Kuo

Apple is also expected to launch the eighth version of its Apple Watch this year. This is in addition to the iPhone 14 series and many other Macs. So, as always, the rumors and reports have started to build up with Apple products. We saw a report last month that said the new Apple Watch series would be able to connect to satellites. We know that the Apple Watch 8 may have a body temperature sensor. Here are the facts.

Apple’s New Watch Could Capture Your Body Temperature

When Ming-Chi Kuo took to Twitter, he shared an interesting rumor about the Apple Watch 8, coming out soon. The body temperature measurement feature for the Apple Watch 7 was scrapped last year because of a bad algorithm, Kuo said in a three-part tweet. Even though the company could finally use it on this year’s Apple Watch series, it’s right below.

People who work for the company say that Apple canceled the body temperature measurement feature last year because the algorithm used to make it didn’t meet high standards set by them before the Apple Watch 7 went through its EVT stage. However, if the algorithm can meet the company’s high standards before the Apple Watch 8 is made in large quantities, the following models will have the same thing.

Companies have had a hard time getting the body temperature sensor to work on their intelligent wearables, says Kuo. It’s mainly because the body temperature changes a lot depending on the outside temperature. So, for the feature to work correctly, Apple needs to make changes to the software algorithm to detect and keep track of the body temperature while still keeping the battery life at the same time.

When Kuo tweeted recently, he said that a smartwatch couldn’t measure core temperature because it doesn’t have the hardware. It needs an excellent algorithm to work with it.

Kuo also said that Apple and Samsung have the same problem with their new Galaxy Watch 5 series. In contrast to a previous report, Kuo said that Samsung would not be able to use body temperature measurement in its new smartwatch because of algorithm limitations.

Other than this, the new Apple Watch 8 is also expected to measure blood pressure and blood glucose. But, we don’t know if it will be used. What do you think about the new body temperature measurement feature that could be added to the Apple Watch Series 8? Is it something you would use? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and keep an eye out for more news.