OrbitGTM Review – How Does OrbitGTM Work? [2022 Updated]

OrbitGTM is an online direct access broker that most supports fast and frequent daily traders.

They have a small $500 minimum deposit account and a sizable profit volume of less than about $1 per transaction.

Traders who want a fast-track minimum trading and want to avoid high commission pile-up, which would probably break your back and make you lose your account faster than burnout, could opt for OrbitGTM

  • OrbitGTM is licensed and regulated by the FCA and CySEC in over 30 countries.
  • OrbitGTM has over 3,000 active members.
  • Over 500 daily users and over
  • These regulatory bodies provide for security and trust by their users.
  • Special trading incentives and accounts:

OrbitGTM has different accounts and trading incentives to cater to different types of traders:

Daily trading low deposit and low commission. 

This account has a minimum deposit of $500 and has a nice commission of less than 0.2 to 1% per transaction.

This account requires that owners of this account must take a minimum of 4 trades per day to enjoy this low commission and spread.

This account is offered for various trading indices, forex, and stocks, but not Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are too volatile for such measures to be employed with them.

Habitué Trading account 

This trading account has a $2,000 minimum deposit and a maximum 1:50 leverage. It also has a somewhat larger commission rate of 1 to 3% per transaction.

There are no tight rules on transaction rate or frequencies in trade and the number of trades you need to take per day.

Virtual account

OrbitGTM makes a virtual trading account available at no cost; you can get a virtual trading account with up to 1:3000 leverage and a deposit of 1 million units of virtual currency/ trading instrument.

Opening account and depositing. 

U.S. Dollars are this Broker’s primary currency; depending on your country, you can access different depositing methods.

Depending on the country from where you are, you can deposit through any of:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer.
  • Credit or Debit Card Deposit.

To deposit money, go to OrbitGTM’s official website. The website has a user-friendly interface, and you should be able to locate any of its numerous CTA buttons easily.

  • Click on any of them, and it’d directly take you to the sign-up page.

  • Enter a valid email address, your legal name, valid phone number (optional), and choose your account type; Daily, habitué, or virtual.

  • Verify your email or phone number, then click on deposit.

  • Whatever deposit option that pops up on your dashboard is the deposit option available to your location.

  • You then connect your account, wallet, or credit card to it and make your deposit.


  • Broker has a very interactive website and trading interphase.
  • Minimal Transaction costs compared to major trading platforms.
  • Regulatory bodies offer negative balance protection.
  • OrbitGTM has one of the best desktop trading platforms with calendar news events embedded with the price changes.
  • Low minimum deposit


  • The minimum deposit is not budget-friendly
  • Its mobile trading app has limited functionalities.
  • OrbitGTM lacks a direct-chat customer care chat; you can only reach its customer care through email and phone calls on weekdays.

OrbitGTM Vs. mainstream trading brokers

Here’s a comparison between OrbitGTM and EToro, a mainstream trading broker.

Features Average Broker OrbitGTM
Transaction fees and other charges Crypto: 1%

Stocks and ETFs: No commission

Transaction fees to access the Daily Trading account: 0.2 to 1%

Transaction fees to access Habitué account: 1%.


PS: OrbitGTM’s Crypto transaction fee ranges from 0.8 to 3%

Minimum trade $10; $200 to use Average Broker $5; to use the Daily Trading account.

$20; to use the Habitué account.

Mobile Trading App Yes Yes, but with limited functionality
Website users’ experience Transparent and easily navigable. OrbitGTM’s website user experience is rated 4.7 stars from 132 reviews.
Customer Service Uses poorly rated email and ticket support.

Chat support is only available to paid subscribers.

Support is provided through email and calls.

Even though the platform lacks chat support, OrbitGTM has a 4.3 stars email and calls support rating.

Location services Limited to 45 U.S states. Provides services in up to 10 different countries globally.

Who needs OrbitGTM?

Depending on your trading habit, budget, and what you want to trade, OrbitGTM can be your best option.

You can practice and hone your trading skills and preference with the virtual account. You have access to up to a million virtual money and an impressive 1 million dollars and leverage as high as 1:3000; you can literally trade forever.

After getting familiar with your trading style, you can select the account that best suits that.

Make a deposit and get started. Although OrbitGTM does not necessarily have an extensive provision of self-help lessons and trading crash courses, they instead have numerous partnerships with expert traders. They offer attractive incentives to trading experts and technical analysts in exchange for them helping OrbitGTM’s users kickstart their trading careers.

If you’re feeling rich, you could hire your personal trading instructor on the platform. Reach OrbitGTM on OrbitGTM’s website.