OnePlus Announces OxygenOS 13

The year before, OnePlus confirmed that its flagship phones in 2022 will feature the highly anticipated Unified OS, consisting of the combination between OxygenOS and ColorOS. 

The 2022 flagship: The onePlus 10 Pro, runs OxygenOS 12 in China, and its global version is expected to be upgraded to OxygenOS 12 instead, along with the possible delay of Unified OS. 

In the midst of all this, OnePlus has now surprisingly unveiled their next-gen Oxygen OS 13 after the initial beta developer version of Android 13 was recently released.

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OxygenOS 13 Announced

OnePlus recently announced the Open Ears Forum (OEF), which will witness the launch of the Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 on February 28 through an official community forum announcement. 

OnePlus customers and executives from the company will hold a live meeting to discuss the coming OxygenOS 13 system.

However, its announcement about OxygenOS 13 creates some confusion regarding OnePlus’ OS plans. The reports previously suggested that the Unified OS, developed by both OnePlus and Oppo and Oppo, will be launched in the second quarter in 2022. 

But, if OnePlus plans to launch Oxygen OS 13 shortly, it will be anticipated to conflict with the launch of the Unified OS platform.

There are numerous options to consider. One of the questions raised concerns is what if OnePlus and Oppo intend to derail their Unified OS infinitely.

There are a few possibilities that OnePlus could keep the OxygenOS branding, despite mixing ColorOS and OxygenOS codes. 

OxygenOS as well as ColorOS codes. Suppose you don’t know that it was initially planned to alter the title of their Unified OS.

 As of now, there’s no concrete information available or available, and OnePlus has to answer several of these concerns.

However, we’re expecting to hear more details regarding OnePlus plans and OxygenOS 13 on the 28th of February at 7:30 pm local time (5:00 pm IST). To do this, OnePlus invites 15 individuals to participate in the conversation. 

If you’re interested in joining, you can submit your applications here. 

But, it’s worth noting this: the OEF is not open to all applicants, and applications are open until February 18. Therefore, you must hurry!