Nigma Galaxy welcomes Jan Hoffmann as Head of Operations

Jan Hoffmann, a former employee of Fnatic and Rix.GG has been named the new Head of Operations at Nigma Galaxy, the esports section of Dubai-based Galaxy Racer, a gaming and esports organization.

Hoffmann is in charge of Nigma Galaxy’s whole operating spectrum in this position.

Hoffmann will concentrate on new initiatives that promote the female esports sector and the brand’s activities.

Hoffmann previously served as the CEO of the British esports organization Rix.GG for a year and as a Director of the Canadian esports and entertainment firm X1 Esports before joining Nigma Galaxy.

He served as Squad Director for Fnatic’s League of Legends team while serving as Head of Team Operations for the company.

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Hoffmann will manage all of Nigma Galaxy’s esports lineups in addition to running the company’s operations. This applies to its CS: GO, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Dota 2 teams.

The gaming and esports sectors have seen Nigma Galaxy continue to grow their products since Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer merged in September 2021.

The company held its Rising Stars League of Legends competition in April 2022 with partners Etihad Airways and ADGaming.

“I’m extremely thrilled to report that I have joined Nigma Galaxy as Head of Operations,” said Hoffmann, who was just named the position at Nigma Galaxy.

“Nigma Galaxy is a top-tier esports organization that continuously aspires to outperform itself and improve on its prior successes.

Working with this skilled team of esports veterans is immensely inspiring, and I’m excited about what lies ahead.