‘Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis’ Out Now on Apple

Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis: Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis is this week’s Apple Arcade release.

It’s includes characters from both old and new Nickelodeon series, including SpongeBob and TMNT.

You can customize the game with a story mode and get power-ups that offer special challenges. 

You can also play against other players in multiplayer mode.

 In the beginning, you play SpongeBob to learn how the game works against AI characters. 

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You also unlock cosmetics and level up. It works well with my iPhone 11 and runs very well on my iPhone 11.

It was updated with Episode 8. Star Trek: Legends also from Tilting Point.

 This update allows all character gear to upgrade to level 25, better control and functionality for alliance chat and controller support. 

Jean-Luc Picard arrives in Star Trek: LegendsHot Lava is updated with Mutant Mayhem, bringing Rambull and Stinkbomb into a new in-game toys universe. 

Jetpack Trials, Gat Skins, and many more are also add to the game, including Game Center matchmaking and a new menu.

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You can also find information on Apple Arcade and all the games in our dedicated forum.

 What did you think about the Apple Arcade’s release schedule for last year, and what would your expectations be for this year?