Newbies’ Free Fire Control Settings

Free Fire Control Settings: Garena Free Fire is the most played Battle Royale game, with over 150 million registered players and 450 million active players. 

The player base is growing every day, and new players join the game each day. 

For those who are just getting into the sport, knowing all of the Free Fire Control Setting and other features will be a priority.

If you’re a novice to Free Fire and search for the most effective control settings that can make you feel like a pro, this is the place to go! 

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Discover all locations within Free Fire explained in detail below!

The Free Control for Fire Settings image Image For New Players

Control settings are essential to better performance, and so is winning in any game.

 If you’ve played battle royale games before and you’re aware of how crucial it is to adjust your control settings correctly. 

This article will provide you with the most effective control settings that allowed us to improve our performance during the game.

Although it is our preference, you can change the settings in the future and make changes based on them because they work best for you!

Controls Settings

Tips for in-game gameplay Simplified

Kill Notification Off

Damage Indicator Classic

Auto Switch Gun Off

Visual Effects No Blood

Free Look On

Parachute On

Sprint On

Drive On

Hitmaker New

Aim Precision In default

Left Fire Button Left Fire Button

Quick Weapon Switch Off

Quick Reload Off

Keep Fire on Scope On

Grenade Slot Single Shot

Control of Vehicles Two-handed

Auto-Parachute On

Run Mode Classic

How Do I Modify Control Settings in Free Fire?

It’s elementary to change the settings for control within Garena Free Fire.

 Follow the steps below to find out how to alter the settings to suit your preferences.

  • Start FREE Fire to your mobile.
  • Click the Settings icon at the top-right corner.
  • Go to ‘ Controls‘ from the menu left of the screen.
  • Make the necessary changes, then press the “Custom Hud” icon on your screen.
  • Return on the screen, and have fun with the game Free Fire!

This article was about the control settings. 

You can observe additional settings such as display, sensitivity Auto-Pickup, and so on. 

They also impact the performance of the player in the game. 

So, you must switch between buttons and make the changes needed to perform like a professional and beat all your opponents on the field.