New Weapons for Splatoon 3 Revealed

Splatoon 3 is expected to be one of Nintendo’s most popular releases in 2022. The second instalment of the Splatoon series for the Nintendo Switch has revealed more and more information about its gameplay, maps, and other aspects before its September release.

A structure created out of scrap metal called Mincemeat Metalworks, one of Splatoon 3’s new maps, was shown to fans earlier in July. When players launch the game, they may paint over this facility.

A few additional weapons have expanded the extensive list of previously released Splatoon 3 DLC.

Similar to Mincemeat Metalworks, Nintendo‘s official news program Squid Research Lab, which focuses on the Splatoon games, is how fans can get the most recent details about Splatoon 3.

The Octobrush and the Inkbrush, two new weapons available in Splatoon 3, are the most recent information that fans have gotten from the Squid Research Lab.

The Inkbrush is reportedly not the most potent weapon in Splatoon 3, but it is mainly intended for quick movements to paint the player’s surroundings on the battlefield. Additionally, the Inkbrush has access to “dizzying flourishes” that may “mess with opponents’ brains,” according to the Squid Research Lab.

The meaning of these flourishes in the game is unknown, although they may connect to the quick-draw swings that paint the enemy’s face in Splatoon 3.

The Octobrush follows, a far more powerful weapon that can make rapid-fire swings like the Inkbrush but consumes much more ink every stroke. Due to the Octobrush’s tremendous ink retention, it has a significant influence on the map when employed.

The Inkbrush was included as a free DLC to Splatoon 2, which already has both weapons. While some fans were a little disappointed since they had hoped to see some new weaponry from the series, others were glad to see their favourite brushes make a comeback.

Nintendo has already shown several brand-new Splatoon 3 weaponry, including Special Weapons like the Crab Tank and Zipcaster. In addition to the in-game stuff, fans should keep an eye out for the Splatoon 3 OLED Switch, which has purple and yellow Joy-Cons that have artwork from the series inside of them, as well as a paint splat on the sleek white design of the dock.