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Nekros Prime is basically the primed version of Nekros and its beefed up with higher energy capacity, better shields and additional polarity. Nekros prime was unveiled in July 2016 at Tennocon. Like the primed variant of Saryn. Nekros Prime was also introduced via in cinematic in August of 2016. In fact it is the third warframe to be introduced in that way. Before we dwell on other abilities of Nekros Prime Build, let us take a look at the root of the things.

What is Warframe?

Warframe is a video game released back in 2013 for Windows, PS4 and the Xbox one consoles. It is a shooter with a third person view, developed by Digital Extremes. We are in control of ancient warriors, who are involved in war with different factions. The Nekros is one among the warriors. The game is free to play while new weapons, equipments and other features can be bought from the market using in-game credits or something called Platinum, a premium currency. The game was well received and is among the most popular games in Steam.

Nekros Prime Build

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What is Nekros ?

The word Nekros comes from a Greek word meaning death. Nekros is a warframe with powers similar to that you see in a black-magicians and necromancers. He can exploit the vulnerabilities of the living and the corpses of deceased. His blueprint costs 100,000, making him among the most costliest frames to build. He requires three Orokincells (can be bought from market) to build. His base shield stat is 90 and when equipped with a maxed out Redirection mod in rank 30, his shield jumps to 666. He is among the coolest warframes in the game in terms of animation and appearance(He was released in Friday the 13th).

About Nekros Prime Build

The word “Prime”  includes any weapon, warframe or any other accessory made with Orokin technology. The important thing is the prime Frames have the exact same ability set as the base frame. They don’t get added functionality on abilities, only better stats and different polarities. Nekros prime possesses a special ability whereupon contact with Orokin Void Death Orb will cause them to give to all allies in the vicinity. However, this can only happen once per Death Orb.


  1. Soul Punch-A powerful punch which turns the opponent’s soul into a deadly projectile, destroying anything in the path.
  2. Terrify-A move where you instill fear into nearby enemies causing them to flee.
  3. Desecrate-It causes fallen enemies to drop more loot.
  4. Shadows of the Dead-Just like the name suggests you can summon shadow versions of the enemies disposed, to fight with you for a short period.

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Example Of Nekros Prime Build

Here I will show you a general Warframe Nekros Build.(Nekros Prime Build)


  1. Despoil-It is a mod which allows Nekros to consume health over energy in order to cast Desecrate. This will backfire if Nekros is low on health.
  2. Shield of Shadows-It allows Nekros to transfer a portion of the damage he received,to any of the shadow of the dead nearby.

All About Nekros Prime Builds (Warframe Nekros Build)

Corrosive Projection: This is an aura which decreases the armor of all enemies. This can combined with other teammates to really dent the enemies.

Enemy Sense: It shows all enemies within a particular distance in the minimap, marked with red.

Intensify: It increases the strength of warframe abilities.

Energy conversion: This mod increases the strength of ability cast after picking up the energy orb.

Stretch: It increases the range of abilities in warframe.

Equilibrium: Through this mod,health pickups gain additional energy and energy pickups gain additional health.

Primed continuity: It increases the duration of warframe abilities.

Primed Vigor: This is the primed version of vigor and can increase health value and shield value of warframe. Vitality can also be used instead of this mod.

This Warframe Nekros Prime build is pretty solid for almost any player.

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Final Thoughts:

Ever since its inception in 2016 Nekros prime has shown lots of quality builds through the creativity and imagination of the players. Recently an announcement popped in saying that Nekros Prime will be entering the Prime Vault and shall be retired from the reward tables on June 19th, 2018. However, any pre-existing components or fully-built frames will remain as is.


Nekros Prime Build | Warframe Nekros Build
  • Nekros Prime Build | Warframe Nekros Build


Nekros Prime was also introduced via in cinematic in August of 2016. In-fact it is the third warframe to be introduced in that way. Before we dwell on other abilities of Nekros Prime Build,let us take a look at the root of the things.

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