NASA can’t afford to send people to the Moon in 2024

The United States will send people to the Moon in 2024. It has been known for a long time. But in the end, all NASA plans are doomed. No, neither China nor Russia are disappointed by any of the early lunar missions.

However, there is a strange reason behind this. The enormous cost of astronaut clothing has become an obstacle. And that’s why the US space agency is currently behind the deadline to send people to the Moon.

Why NASA can’t afford to send people to the Moon in 2024?

NASA has been building new spacesuits for the past 14 years. But the final review of this year’s audit revealed that the cost of a new generation of suitable spacesuits, which will cost a lunar mission on time, is practically impossible.

But why was it not understood before? According to the space website ‘,’ the tide at the bottom is due to Kovid-19.

Therefore, the cost of spacesuits valued at £ 200 million, or £ 200 million, is going up a lot. The situation is that it will not be possible to have two suites ready by November 2024.

By 2018, NASA said, the spacesuit would cost Tk 20 crore. But that cost has now increased several times to more than Tk 72 crore. That cannot be assigned before the fiscal year 2025.

So when can America go to the Moon? That is quite difficult to say at this point. The website claims that since they will not match the money before April 2025, they can’t make the spacesuit.

After that, the final astronaut’s journey ends. Therefore, American astronauts can travel to the Moon much later than expected.