Must-Watch Series and Why They’re a Hit

Streaming services possess both acclaimed series and a multitude of disappointments. We update our guide to the top popular TV shows to watch to help you prioritize which series to watch. Although not all of them guarantee success—and we appreciate the hidden gems—they all merit your time.

#1 The Last of Us

What is the #1 Netflix series right now? In our opinion, this is The Last of Us. In a post-apocalyptic world, hardened survivor Joel and spunky teen Ellie encounter both human and not-quite-human threats in this TV adaptation of a beloved video game. I don’t even want to say what the series is about so as not to spoil the first impression. It’s better to just watch it. Then you will thank us.

#2 Pluto

Astro Boy, a well-known character to many, gets a refreshing makeover in Naoki Urasawa’s manga Pluto. Urasawa takes the original story arc “The Greatest Robot on Earth” by Osamu Tezuka and gives it a mature twist. The focus shifts from the heroic boy robot to the experienced cybernetic detective Gesicht as he investigates a series of murders involving both humans and robots. Each victim bears makeshift horns inserted into their heads. Meanwhile, Atom (Astro’s Japanese name) is portrayed as a former peace ambassador haunted by the trauma of the 39th Central Asian War. This adaptation faithfully captures Urasawa’s retelling and is visually stunning, surpassing Netflix’s typical anime productions.

#3 Sister Wives

Sister Wives is preparing for its upcoming season while also developing its latest outing. Fans of Sister Wives are eagerly awaiting the release of successful seasons as rumors of a potential spinoff show featuring ex-wives circulate. Sister Wives explores dating, marriage, family dynamics, polygamy, and polyamory.

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#4 Dark

If you enjoy moody and brooding TV shows, Dark is the perfect sci-fi series for you. It’s the first German-language Netflix original series with the option for English dubbing, but the original language version is superior. Dark begins with a secret liaison, a missing teenager, and a spooky-looking cave, setting the atmosphere for the entire show. What seems like a simple mystery investigation quickly transitions into an ambitious time-travel plot, creating a captivating atmosphere. With only 26 episodes spanning three seasons, the more you watch, the more you’ll appreciate the fitting title of the series.

#5 The White Lotus

HBO renewed the limited series for a second season due to its exceptional quality. The satire gradually exposes the darker aspects of a picturesque postcard by focusing on guests at a luxurious resort. The White Lotus boasts an all-star ensemble cast that includes Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, Molly Shannon, and other exceptionally funny individuals, resulting in a soaring series. Moreover, it offers a captivating murder mystery, with the big reveal kept until the very end, ensuring thorough entertainment.

#6 Open House

TV shows are increasingly featuring sex-positive portrayals of polyamory, and the UK-based series Open House, along with its international counterparts, decided to embark on an experiment. The show followed a group of romantically inclined individuals who were open to exploring new dynamics in their relationships by inviting additional people to join them. Expert Lori Beth Bisbey provided guidance and support to these couples throughout the process, emphasizing Channel 4’s serious approach to the concept. This alternative outlook and dating convention challenge the modern tradition of relying solely on dating apps.

#7 Naked Attraction

This unconventional dating series, Naked Attraction, may appear shocking to international viewers. Hopeful singles choose their partners solely based on physical appearance, making it a show that not everyone may appreciate. Interestingly, the show has also introduced the concept of polyamory, allowing couples to search for additional partners.

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#8 Station Eleven

Station Eleven is a real treat for fans of post-apocalyptic TV. The show’s non-linear storytelling keeps you engaged, while well-developed characters add to its appeal. As a flu-like virus ravages humanity, a young girl named Kirsten and an adult named Jeevan seek refuge. However, the show quickly transports us 20 years into the future, allowing for unexpected plot twists and keeping us intrigued about the past. It’s an exceptional TV series that even those who aren’t typically drawn to post-apocalyptic stories will enjoy.

#9 The Bear

The first season of The Bear threw us headfirst into the incredibly stressful world of Chicago cheffing, with barely a moment to pause and savor the beef shin ragu. Season two slows things down a bit (excluding the relentless Christmas dinner flashback episode), with Jeremy Allen White’s intense Carmen Berzatto leading his kitchen brigade as they strive to open a Michelin star-worthy restaurant on the site of his late brother’s sandwich shop. This time, a soppy love story enters the mix as Carmy navigates a romantic relationship with his childhood crush Claire (Molly Gordon). But even more excitingly, a host of guest stars join the fray, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Paulson, Will Poulter, Gillian Jacobs, and Bob Odenkirk, all delivering powerhouse performances. Curtis, as Carmy’s unstable mother, gives an exceptional turn in her career on the small screen. And remember, chef, we can’t stress this enough.

#10 The Rehearsal

Nathan Fielder, widely recognized for his hit Comedy Central show Nathan For You (and cringe comedy), takes on the roles of writer, director, and star in this compelling new HBO series. The show follows the comedian as he goes to extraordinary lengths to help individuals rehearse pivotal moments before they actually occur. In the debut episode, Fielder aids a man in preparing for a heartfelt confession to a close friend, constructing an incredibly detailed replica of the very bar they plan to meet at. After meticulously accounting for any conceivable outlandish scenario, we witness the genuine exchange between the two friends unfold. The Rehearsal is both eccentric and undeniably captivating, making it a must-watch for any avid viewer.


What is the best series you have ever watched? You will probably remember the classics, which still have the right to life. However, these series and shows are much fresher. While not all of them may make it to your personal top, they are definitely some of the best that have been released recently.