Mass Effect 2: Liara Romance Guide

Mass Effect 2: Liara may not recruit as an ongoing participant in The Normandy SR-2.

 Still, if she was a romantically involved character during the initial game, Shepard could continue to love her during the second game. 

This guide will explain how to love Liara during Mass Effect 2 in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Can You Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Liara can be romantically engaged during Mass Effect 2 to develop a relationship with her through the entire legendary edition trilogy.

 But, these lengthy romance scenes aren’t available on the official game.

Female and male Shepards will only be able to keep their relationship in love with Liara of Mass Effect 1 If they play in the Liara’s Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, which comes in the Legendary Edition.

 There are short chats and an intimate kiss at Illium the moment Shepard meets Liara on the first occasion

This is the sole acknowledgment of players’ relationship in the base game. 

Players must participate and complete the Lair of the Shadow Broker quest to chat with Liara about their relationship and enjoy a romantic exchange.

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How to Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2

The game begins the DLC by talking with Liara via Illium. 

Keep playing the story until you receive the Paragon prompts as you speak to Liara before heading to meet the Shadow Broker in his headquarters.

 Be sure you hit the third prompt for an opportunity to talk to Liara before you go.

When “Our relationships?” is pick when Liara is ask what she wants to discuss and she is ask to make an oblique remark to players who have begun a relationship or had an affair with someone or someone else during Mass Effect 2

However, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is over, so don’t be concerned.

Instead, after you have dealt with the shadow broker, opt to embrace Liara for a moment to watch the couple have kissed.

 Liara will start talking about their relationship, and players will be able to hit the Paragon button to kiss her again.

 The option will be available to players who love the game Renegade on Mass Effect.

The mission has ended; however, players can return to Liara and have a conversation with her once more.

 Liara will share her thoughts regarding shadow brokers and Reapers; however, players can pick “I would like to discuss us” and “I will” and invite Liara to drink with them at the Normandy

On the Normandy, pick the “Happily ever after” prompt to witness an intimate scene and secure Liara’s romance in Mass Effect 3.

However, this doesn’t stop Shepard from launching a romance with another partner before embarking on the self-defense mission featured in Mass Effect 2; however, players must choose between their love interests in the final game.

 If Shepard decides to remain loyal to Liara during the second game, the players will look at her photo before proceeding to The Omega 4 Relay.

It is important to note that the two won’t have the exact romantic moment in Mass Effect 2. 

Liara is invited to board the Normandy in Mass Effect 2 if Shepard has had a romantic relationship with another person before going across the Relay.

Liara will instead offer a positive comment on the new relationship between Shepard and Liara.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.