Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition launched

In China, Lenovo has announced the 8-inch Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition tablet. The new Android tablet costs 3,299 yuan (about $489), has a color-changing glass back, and is now on sale. The Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition may not yet be accessible everywhere, just as the Legion Y700.

The Legion Y700 standard model went on sale in China in February. The Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition features are the same as those of the base model.

The tablet is a fantastic gaming gadget that is as small as an Android tablet. It sports a chrome shell casing with a Snapdragon 870 processor as its power source.

The Legion Y700’s LCD screen offers a 120Hz refresh rate. The new tablet is available in two colors: ice white and glaring blue.

Priced at 3,699 yuan (about $549), the Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition comes with an inductive rear glass panel.

While the tablet is in use, the glass back changes colors, which can be fun for gamers. Some gamers may feel energized by the RGB lighting’s glowing effects while playing.

The model currently comes in three variations in China, but it is still not accessible elsewhere.

Anyone outside of China who wants to check out a little Android gaming tablet may purchase it from resellers. Regarding expanding the Legion Y700 tablet’s availability, Lenovo says nothing.