Is It Safe To Disable Iphlpsvc : Ip Helper Service?

Iphlpsvc refers to “Internet Protocol Helper Service”. Its function is to help you modify and retrieve the Network Configuration Settings on your Windows PC.

If I state it simply, IP Helper is called Win32 Service. Are you wondering how this service works? Then keep reading the article to find out how to use this service on your Windows computer. If you have Windows 10 operating system, then this service might start as soon as you turn on your computer instantly.

About Iphlpsvc — Ip Helper Service:

Is It Safe To Disable Iphlpsvc Ip Helper Service

This service works well with several other services like svchost.exe. You can also disable the Iphlpsvc Ip Helper Servive on your Windows system as per your wish.

If due to certain reason, your iphlpsvc does not start automatically on your computer then the reasons for its operation might be logged in the Eventlog and you would be notified with a window stating iphlpsvc has stopped responding because some error has occurred. This would tell you that the IP Helper Service is not working on your computer and you need to enable it in order to use it.

Reasons Behind Unresponsiveness Of Iphlpsvc:

There might be certain reasons due to which your iphlpsvc might stop responding on your Windows 10 computer system. If the list of following commands are disabled or deleted on your computer then your Iphlpsvc might stop working on your computer. The list of commands are stated below:

  • NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
  • TCP/IP Protocol Driver
  • Network Store Interface Service
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service

If any of the above services are deleted or removed from your computer or not working due to any reason then your IP Helper Service might also stop responding on your computer. Make sure to check these services if you face the IP Helper Service stopped error on your Windows 10 computer.

Is There A Way To Disable Iphlp Svc On Your Computer?

Ofcourse, you can disable the Internet Protocol Helper Service on your Windows 10 computer. We believe that upon reading the above article you might get a little understanding about what Iphlpsvc is and how can you disable it on your computer upon your wish.

Optimizing PC always recommends to disable the IPhlpsvc on your PC if it does not support your system requirements. You can instantly disable the IP Helper Service by following the guidelines mentioned in other part of this article. Keep reading to find out.

Ip Helper Understanding For Mannequins:

After technically studying what Iphlpsvc is, let’s just have a general and simplest discussion about what IP Helper Service is. This term is explained in the most simplest form by OptimizingPC. IP Helper Sevice prefers IpV6 over IPv4 internet connection.

The only reason why iphlpsvc prefers IPv6 over IPv4 is that IPv6 is the most advance and modern technology in terms of internet connectivity. IPv6 allows systems to have distinctive IP address when it is connected to the internet. Apart from this, there are certain other benefits of IPv6 that also makes it one of the best out of other connections.

What Causes Iphlpsvc On Your Computer?

Several reasons can cause the iphlpsvc to exist on your computer. Now we will talk about those reasons and will also look into their solutions. Lets see what could be the possible reasonswhich cause iphlpsvc to occur on your computer and lets see how to fix those issues. The following are the reasons which causes iphlpsvc on your computer:

Memory Usage:

Iphlpsvc — IP Helper Service consumes a lot of storage and memory on your computer. In order to disable iphlpsvc on your computer, disabling certain services will be of great help for you. However, you need to make sure which services are essential for your computer before disabling them on your computer system. In order to disable the unimportant services on your computer, follow the instructions provided below:

  • First of all, search for Control Panel on your Search bar in the Start Menu of your Windows 10 computer.
  • In the Control Panel, look out for Administrative tools and services and open it up by clicking upon it.
  • After this step, a new window will open on your computer screen on which certain services that are working on your computer might show up. From here you can disable the irrelevant services of your computer and click OK to proceed.

Performing Clean Boot On Your Computer:

In order to perform a clean boot on your computer and clean it from unnecessary programs and drivers installed on your computer which are either outdated or have stopped working, follow the steps provided below:

  • Log in on the Administrator account of your computer otherwise you won’t be able to make changes to your system.
  • There are possibilities that you would face some issues after performing the clean boot on your system.
  • Do not alter the boot options on your computer system until or unless you are told to do so by Microsoft. Otherwise your computer might stop working.

How To Check If Ipv6 Is Enabled On Your System?

To check if IPv6 is enabled, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the start menu, type ncpa.cpl in the Search bar and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • You will be redirected to Local Area Connections on your computer.
  • Right click on Local Area Connections and select the Properties option. You will get to know if your computer is connected to IPv6 or not.

In this way, you can know if IPv6 is enabled on your computer because only then you would be able to disable it on your computer.


We have mentioned all the general details about what IP Helper Service — iphlpsvc is and how can you disable it on your computer. We hope that this guide would be helpful for you. Leave us your comments and suggestions and keep reading to find out more solutions of your problems here. Stay tuned!