Instagram Introduces Chronological Feeds for iOS Users.

Instagram Introduces Chronological Feeds: In December of last year, Instagram announced that it will bring it back to the old chronological format by 2022. The feed discontinued seven years prior. 

It’s 2022, and it’s the right time to use this Instagram timeline in chronological order, at the very least to iOS users. It’ll be available if you’re a fan of the algorithm-based feed. Here are the facts that you must be aware of.

Instagram’s Chronological Feed Returns!

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to announce the “Chrono update.” It was stated that there will be two feed options available: Follow and Favorites and the algorithmic home feed.

Mosseri clarifies that she explains that the “Following” segment will become a “deterministic feed” that will show the latest posts from accounts that you follow in sequential order. The posts will appear at the top of the page on Instagram. Instagram app.

For “Favorites,” or the “Favorites” feed, it will display videos and photos from Instagram accounts that are important to you. According to reports, you can add as many as 50 accounts to consider your favorites.

The two new feeds will be used alongside the home feed, which is the default. This is the issue. 

No matter which feed option you pick, the user must change to the new feed every time you launch the Instagram application. The app will then be set to the customized feed option (with suggestions) when you exit it.

However, it will let you browse your Instagram feed however you prefer, rather than being restricted to a pre-determined schedule of feeds. For those who aren’t familiar, The Meta-owned social media application adopted algorithmic feedback in 2016. 

Still, it was ultimately rejected because there was no timeline and relied solely on the user’s preferences and patterns.

Insta’s options for chronological feeds are now available on iOS users. I was not aware of it at the moment of writing. So, we should anticipate it to be available to all iOS users shortly.

There’s no information on its availability for Android; however, it’s likely to happen soon.