If You Feel Intuitively That The Baby Is Not Yours, Can You Authorize A DNA Test?

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The first bond between parents and a newborn baby is precious. Unfortunately, there are cases when mothers have an instinct that the infant in their arms is not their own. Should we trust our intuition that the baby we are carrying is not ours?

Some families have had to experience doubts when raising a baby. A happy event turned into anxiety and doubt. In some cases, couples receive the wrong baby from the hospital. The couple decided to undergo a legal DNA test to find out if their case was related to mistaken identity. Legal action was taken against the hospital to reunite the swapped babies with their families and ensure that no family should have to go through such an anxious and questionable moment.

Why did my parents decide to take a DNA test?

If you’re wondering, why did the parents wait a while before choosing to go through the legal parenting inspection process?

  • The first possible reason for avoiding DNA testing to confirm an infant’s identity is that DNA testing was advertised as invasive or very expensive.
  • Another reason parents wait to talk about questions is that they don’t know how to communicate with each other. It’s an uncomfortable topic but one that requires open communication.
  • Some parents choose not to undergo a legal parenting test to avoid heartbreak because they love their baby and feel a strong parent-child bond.

Fortunately, there are many advances in the health field. You’ll be amazed at how far DNA testing has come and how it’s not only affordable but also easy to test at home. Home DNA testing kits are available at local stores. To obtain a court-approved DNA test, couples must choose a court-approved testing facility. For 100% accurate results, you can choose an online platform like PaternityUSA. We are AABB accredited and provide legal DNA test results that are widely accepted as evidence in paternity cases.

What AABB guidelines are required for legal paternity testing?

It mandates that DNA collection be conducted in the presence of a valid medical professional. In addition, the consent of the test participants is also required. Medical professionals who collect DNA samples must remain unbiased. AABB recognizes advanced laboratories with talented Ph.D. Geneticists. This safely maintains the risk of contamination and the integrity of the swab.

PaternityUSA’s legal paternity testing sends collection kits directly to your local doctor or professional collection service provider. Collection of DNA samples must follow AABB’s strict requirements, or results may be rejected in court. DNA samples are collected by a physician or professional collector, sealed, and sent directly to Paternity USA’s laboratory.

Without open communication… That suspicion can then put a strain on the family. You may even have doubts as your child grows up. Obviously, parents don’t have to be biological to raise a baby or bond with a baby.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have mistaken the identity of your newborn, trust your instincts and act quickly. A court paternity test is the best way to have peace of mind and enjoy time with your child.