How to Use Statistics in Online Casino Games

The use of statistics is crucial in the world of online gambling. Casinos use statistics to learn things like player preferences, the most popular games, and the possible points of financial loss on games. Wagering platforms can also use this knowledge to devise more effective marketing campaigns and game selections. Let us look at how you can use statistics in online casino games.

Making Informed Decisions in Game Selection and Payout Rates

Casinos use statistics when deciding which games to provide and how much to pay for winnings. As an illustration, a casino may strategically introduce a game with a notably high payout percentage, thus enhancing its potential profitability.

Suppose the platform observes a substantial number of individuals who consistently achieve success in this particular game. In that case, it may be inclined to enhance the likelihood of including this game in its future offerings.

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Statistics can additionally aid casinos in identifying games that should be avoided. For instance, if a casino is experiencing substantial financial losses due to games characterized by low payout percentages, it may opt to cease the operation of these titles.

To Calculate the Likely Outcome of a Game, Given the Player’s Current Gaming Technique

Beginners are generally told to play it safe at online casinos so they have the best chance of winning. Casinos can use statistical analysis to learn a player’s general approach to the game and make adjustments in accordance with that knowledge.

If a player loses repeatedly, the casino could try to get them to take more chances by raising the maximum wager or providing more winning opportunities. On the other hand, if a player seems to be playing exceptionally cautiously, the casino could lower the stake to boost the chances of winning.

Gambling establishments can use statistical research to forecast which players will most likely lose funds. A longer playing history at a virtual casino may suggest that an individual is more prone to average financial losses than a participant with a shorter time invested in the platform. Casinos utilize this data to inform their decision-making processes on the allocation of funds to every game and the formulation of player incentives.

Improve Casinos’ Capacity to Anticipate Player Actions

A player’s frequency of going all in on a hand is just one example of the statistics that can be evaluated. This data is utilized to make future hands more likely to succeed.

Casinos may increase the maximum wager on a player’s preferred games. For instance, if they discover the player routinely bets the maximum amount on every hand. In addition, you may target your promotions and offers more precisely by determining which players are statistically more at risk of losing funds and sending the offers to them instead.

The Calculation of Payout Rates

Let us briefly examine the mechanics of this process. During the four-week duration, the gamers collectively expended a sum of $1,000,000.00 on an internet-based slot machine.

Within this timeframe, the game disbursed a total of $984,500 in winnings. It can be inferred that the game exhibited a payout rate of 98.45% in terms of Return to Player (RTP). This payment percentage may be considered rather elevated.

Consider these numbers before playing for real money at any online casino, whether on a desktop computer or mobile device. This is especially true if you’re looking for table and card games or slots.

It is advisable to exclusively consider games that have exhibited a recent return to player (RTP) percentage of 93.00 or above. Any percentage below 90.00% is deemed unworthy of engagement.

Blackjack and Roulette

If you want to increase your chances of winning at European Roulette, for instance, you should familiarize yourself with the various odds so that you may place more calculated wagers. For instance, wagering on Black/Red, Even/Odd, or the digits 1-18/19-36 yields a 1:1 payout and is significantly more probable than placing a straight-up wager, which typically has a 35:1 payout probability.

It’s precisely the same with horse races. If you were genuinely interested in winning, you wouldn’t continuously make absurd longshot and outsider wagers with odds of 100/1 or greater. There is only a 1.00% chance of success based on these odds.

If the odds are 1/5, the implied chance of winning is 83.30 %. If you want the best chance of winning at blackjack, study as many relevant statistics and playing tactics as possible. Blackjack players should begin by familiarizing themselves with standard playing techniques.

The better your knowledge of relevant statistics and data, the more leg up you’ll have on the house in any game. However, keep in mind that although 1/5 odds may seem extremely high, no wager is ever a sure thing.


There are a fixed number of outcomes, or “sample spaces,” from which any given event in a casino game can be assigned an absolute probability. If you throw a six-sided die, there are six possible outcomes, each with a one-in-six chance of occurring.

Like many other games with large sample sizes, Poker can feature events with low probabilities. The odds of getting four of a kind in five-card poker are 0.000240, while the odds of getting the rarest possible hand -a royal flush- are an even more improbable 0.00000154. Good poker players know the possible outcomes of every hand and the sample spaces in which they exist. So, they’ll base their bets on how likely they think a given hand is.

However, there is a lot more to gambling than just numbers and odds. Skilled gamblers rely heavily on their ability to read other players’ emotions. Reading body language, for example, can shed light on the emotional states of other players and, by extension, their hands’ probabilities.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make the most of your time at a virtual casino, you should familiarize yourself with how statistics are used by the house to make strategic judgments.

By analyzing data, casinos may find out which games are the most played, which are where customers have a higher chance of losing money, and which have the best odds of winning at the slot machines and the tables. Learning the ins and outs of virtual casino statistics can greatly enhance your chances of having a successful game.