Forza Horizon 5 How to Switch on Telemetry

How to Switch on Telemetry: If you’re interested in getting an in-real-time overview of the various performance specifications of your vehicle for Forza Horizon 5, You’ll need to learn how to activate Telemetry.

 The HUD will pop up that displays various information about your car’s speed the torque, RPM, and a lot more.

Before going any further, it isn’t possible to switch on telemetry until the AI Anna has presented herself and explained everything she’s able to do for you. 

This will happen in the first half-hour of the game, but you shouldn’t need to wait long before you reach this point.

Turning on Telemetry in Forza Horizon 5

To turn on telemetry, click the Options button and navigate to the Settings option.

Click on the tab ‘Advanced Controls’ located on the left side of the screen. Then, you’ll see the ‘Switch Anna/TelemetryTTS’ option around six inches down from the top.

Switch this option to ‘Telemetry,’ then return to the menus and make sure you save any modifications you make. 

As you continue to play in the game, you’ll not have Anna on your HUD.

 Instead, it will be replace by a Telemetry screen, which displays different technical information regarding your vehicle’s performance.

It’s important to remember that you cannot have the Anna and the telemetry HUDs on simultaneously. So you’ll need to pick either one and the other.

To stop telemetry, Go back to the Advanced Controls tab under ‘Settings and switch the switch ‘Switch AnnaTTS / Telemetry option to either Anna or TTS.

This is all you need to know about enabling Telemetry for Forza Horizon 5.