How To Surrender in League of Legends Wild Rift?

Surrender in League of Legends Wild Rift: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the PC game League of Legends, and it has a lot of the same things. Play the 5v5 MOBA game on your phone as you fight to win, lose, or even give up. 

You might even give up. There’s no point in fighting a fight you can’t win, and giving up allows you to do less damage. In the next step, you can move on to a more difficult game where you and your teammates can play better. 

It can be hard to give up if you aren’t used to the game. Here is your guide on how to give up in Wild Rift.

How To Surrender in League of Legends Wild Rift?

There’s nothing wrong with giving up in a match that can’t win. Why not leave early and go to a better match? If you know you’re going to lose, why not do that? Follow these steps to give up during a game of LoL, Wild Rift.

  • The map is located next to the game; you’ll see an icon for gears. tool icon
  • Hit the gear to access settings. Settings
  • Check the lower-left on your display.
  • There ought to be a button that says ‘ Surrender.’
  • Now, ask your co-workers to follow suit.

Only when at least 4/5 of you agree to it will it be implemented. So, it will happen only when there is a clear majority of people in the Wild Rift game who want to give up. Don’t worry about pressing it in-game and then realising that you did it by accident.

You can only give up after about 300 seconds of playing, about 5 minutes of playing. You will have to play through the game even though you might not like it, as there is a fine for leaving. 

And you get 10 minutes of AFK time if you’re a no-show between the first three minutes and the end of the game. if you’ve been AFK for more than 6 minutes, you’ll get 20 minutes off. From there, it takes 6 hours.